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Johns Manville Unveils Next Generation Time-Tested Polyiso Product Line, ENRGY 3.E

Johns Manville (JM), a leading supplier of commercial roofing products, announces ENRGY 3.E, the next generation of its time-tested polyisocyanurate (polyiso) product line. Now, the roofing industry has a choice in how its polyiso insulation delivers fire performance.

The new ENRGY 3.E product features the current polyiso performance attributes that customers have grown to depend on with the existing ENRGY 3, with one key difference:

  • ENRGY 3.E is inherently fire-resistant and meets all current fire tests and codes without added halogenated flame retardants.

JM researchers have incorporated a reactive polymer modifier that both improves the cell structure and properties of the foam as well as achieves the necessary fire resistance to meet UL®Class A fire ratings in low-slope roofing assemblies.

“Our research shows there is a growing need in the market for an innovative roofing insulation product that maintains all of the positive attributes of polyiso, but contains no added halogenated FRs,” said Michael Cusick, portfolio manager, Boards and Insulation. “The lack of halogenated flame retardants also demonstrates JM’s commitment to innovation and sustainability.”

In addition to offering ENRGY 3.E for applications where halogenated flame retardants are prohibited, JM will continue to offer its current ENRGY 3 polyiso product line for the majority of roofing applications. Like most polyiso products in the market, ENRGY 3 contains TCPP, a halogenated flame retardant added to achieve additional fire ratings.

Both ENRGY 3 and ENRGY 3.E have comparable fire, mechanical and thermal performance characteristics and the highest R-value per inch of any commonly used roofing insulation.

“Recent publications by environmental advocates have campaigned for the removal of halogenated flame retardants from a number of building products,” said Cusick. “Now, JM has delivered with ENRGY 3.E, which maintains all the proven performance of polyiso insulation without added halogenated flame retardants.”

The choice is yours: conventional ENRGY 3 with TCPP for most applications or premium ENRGY 3.E with inherent fire resistance and no added halogenated flame retardants for applications where the roof professional specifies no halogenated flame retardants.


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