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Lapolla Releases Honeywell's Solstice LBA for Spray Foam Insulation Wall System

Lapolla Industries, Inc., a Houston-based global supplier and manufacturer of spray polyurethane foam insulation, reflective roof coatings, and equipment designed to reduce energy consumption in the residential, industrial and commercial markets, announced today that it is the first company globally to develop the technology and commercially release Honeywell's new Solstice® Liquid Blowing Agent (LBA) in spray foam insulation wall system in the USA.

Solstice LBA allows Lapolla closed-cell spray foam insulation to expand and contribute to the foam's superior insulating properties. Solstice LBA is a next-generation blowing agent from Honeywell that not only improves foam performance, but also delivers environmental benefits including enhanced energy efficiency. Solstice LBA has an ultra-low global warming potential of 1, which is 99.9 percent lower than today's most commonly-used blowing agent, HFC-245fa, a hydrofluorocarbon, while retaining its insulating performance. Solstice LBA is nonflammable, has received EPA approval under the Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) Program and is not a volatile organic compound.

"At Lapolla, we are environmentally conscious and incorporate green alternatives into our offerings," said Doug Kramer, President and Chief Executive Officer of Lapolla Industries. "We are pleased to be the first in the world to incorporate Solstice Liquid Blowing Agent into our spray foam for walls, and we are confident that our foam, which has always been cutting edge, is fully credentialed and now one step above the rest of our peers. The product will soon be available globally."

The next high profile installation of Lapolla's leading edge wall system formulated with Solstice LBA will take place at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. Lapolla will use its FOAM-LOK spray foam blown with Solstice LBA to retrofit an off-campus 1920's vintage home that researchers are transforming into a net-zero energy, water and waste structure and live-in laboratory. It marks the first time Solstice LBA will be employed in a wall system of a university in the United States. Researchers from Purdue University and Whirlpool Corporation will be monitoring the home's energy usage after the spray foam wall installation to demonstrate its efficiency.

Lapolla's foam products include spray foam insulation for residential and commercial perimeter walls, crawl spaces and attic space applications. The Company also supplies spray foam and elastomeric coatings for low slope residential and commercial roofing. Lapolla supplies polyurethane as an adhesive for board stock insulation to roofing substrates for commercial and industrial applications as well as sundry items.

"Solstice LBA provides builders and contractors with significant performance and environmental benefits in closed-cell spray foam wall and roof systems at costs that are competitive with other blowing agents," said Laura Reinhard, Honeywell's global business manager for spray foam. "Our collaboration with Lapolla allows us to provide wall-to-wall benefits for commercial and residential architects, builders and renovators. Lapolla's best in class spray foam coupled with their national and international reach makes them an ideal partner to launch Solstice LBA for use in foam wall systems."


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