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Intech Equipment & Supply Introduces Two New Contractor Packages for Roof Coatings Equipment

Roofing equipment and supplies provider, Intech Equipment & Supply, announced it has launched two new contractor packages for roof coatings equipment.

The two spray solutions include a standard package and upgrade package. Both packages provide solutions to spray silicone coatings on commercial roofs and buildings.

The standard package for silicone spray coatings includes:

  • Coatings sprayer – providing 6000 pounds per square inch (psi) and 2.5 gallons per minute (gpm)
  • Coating Hose – 150 feet of ¾-inch, 50 feet of ½-inch, rated at 6000 psi or higher
  • Airless spray gun – rated at 7200 psi
  • Spray tip and tip extension
  • 55-Gallon drum pump – air compressor operated
  • Optional Drum Immersion Kit used instead of drum pump

The upgrade package is a silicone retrofit kit designed for contractors who already own the Graco GH733 coatings sprayer. This package includes:

  • Lower pump – no filter, 180 cubic centimeters (cc)
  • Coating Hose – 150 feet of ¾-inch, 50 feet of ½-inch, rated at 6000 psi
  • Spray gun, spray tip and tip extension
  • Drum pump – air compressor operated

Options for either the standard or upgrade package include a gas powered air compressor to power the drum supply pump.

"Because silicones are high-performance, UV-resistant coatings that are very high solids, contractors must use equipment with sufficient energy to move, pump and spray the coating material," said Jake Jacobson, director of business and market development for Intech Equipment. "In these two new packages, Intech offers a tried-and-true solution to spray silicone.

"For example, we've designed the packages using a pressure-feed system to maintain proper material supply to the sprayer for silicone-only applications," continued Jacobson. "And we've created flexible options for those contractors who already own coatings sprayer equipment. We can also design spray packages specific to the material and application."


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