BASF Develops World's First Light Gray for MDF

  • Another milestone in through-coloring of MDF
  • Presentation at ZOW in Bad Salzuflen, Germany

Black, yellow, orange, brown, red, blue and green – BASF’s range for through-coloring of MDF (medium-density fiberboard) is extensive. But the development of a light-gray pigment preparation by BASF’s research and application technology constitutes a real break-through. Now, for the first time, it is possible to give yellowish wood fibers a light gray color.

Together with customer Sonae Indústria/Glunz, Meppen, Germany, BASF has produced light-gray Design-MDF for the first time. At ZOW 2006, a trade fair for the furniture and furniture suppliers industry in Bad Salzuflen, Germany, on February 20–23, 2006, light-gray Design-MDF is celebrating its public premiere.

Gray is seldom the result of mixing black and white. Rather, a mixing ratio of blue, red, yellow and green shades determines the specific gray value. Gray therefore contains the entire color spectrum and a harmonious overall impression always results. With light-gray Design-MDF, designers and architects can set new accents in the furniture and object sector. Light-gray Design-MDF produces soft transitions and confers a high-quality feel to products created with it. Along with black, designers and architects will soon regard gray as their most important shade for Design-MDF.

BASF is the world’s pioneer in the field of pigment preparations for through-coloring of MDF. In close cooperation with Sonae Indústria/Glunz, a leading manufacturer of derived timber products, BASF has in recent years developed a new generation of colorful, through-colored MDF: Design-MDF.

The wood industry initially used color only to differentiate products with different qualities and characteristics, for example green for laminated floors and red for flame-resistant MDF. This changed completely with the development of Design-MDF. The new MDF generation is colorful and offers opportunities for modern design. The wood fibers remain clearly visible and convey the impression of a natural material. In 2003 Design-MDF was awarded the MATERIALICA design award.

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