Unique Paving Materials Introduces RAVEL CHECK Liquid for Pavement Preservation

RAVEL CHECK liquid is a pavement preservation product that slows pavement deterioration in one application and will extend pavement life 3-5 years.

It is a state of the art, three-in-one treatment for asphalt pavements. RAVEL CHECK liquid is designed and formulated to penetrate the asphalt surface and rejuvenate the liquid asphalt binder, while protecting the surface against contaminants such as fuel, oil, water and de-icing agents. The Gilsonite formulated in RAVEL CHECK liquid provides a deep black long lasting finish that slows the damaging oxidation process.

RAVEL CHECK liquid is applied at ambient temperatures above 50 degrees F and does not require heating. It may be cool applied in a range of application rates suitable for the age, porosity and overall condition of the asphalt surface.

This product may be brush applied, sprayed or distributed in bulk quantities through computer controlled distributor trucks. RAVEL CHECK liquid is proven to reverse the aging process and extend the effective service life of your asphalt pavement.

RAVEL CHECK liquid is the final step in our overall pavement maintenance solution. Our KOLD-FLO® cold applied pourable crack filler, followed by UPM® high performance permanent cold mix asphalt repair material, are the most cost effective and best performing asphalt maintenance products in the industry. Followed by RAVEL CHECK liquid, there's no other cost effective and better performing maintenance solution available.

About Unique Paving Materials:

Unique Paving Materials was founded over 50 years ago. Today it is considered a leading provider of pavement maintenance materials in America. We supply states, municipalities, cities, counties and various local agencies with the paving materials they need to keep roads intact. Our experience lies in working with engineers, street and bridge departments. The main goals of Unique Paving Materials include innovating top pavement repair products, saving taxpayer dollars and supporting environmental initiatives.

Source: http://www.uniquepavingmaterials.com

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