GEZE Stresses Importance of Continuous Development of Building Structure Safety Technology Systems

GEZE, a leader in manufacturing and development of solution systems for doors, windows and other safety technology, has stressed the importance of continous development of safety technology systems to improve the overall safety of building structures in the region.

Parallel opening vent window - GEZE IQ Window Drives

Another key focus point for the company is to create and increase awareness amongst developers and residents in the region in lieu of recent events that have become a critical turning point where safety is concerned.

Charles Constantin, Managing Director of GEZE Middle East, comments, "As the GCC builds towards its future, local demand is growing for safe and sustainable new buildings. This demand is being led by the Government which recognizes the need for world-leading building quality."

Mr Constantin continues, "Safe buildings can help save lives. New technologies allow us to control the building via centralized control panels and open the door and windows in the event of fire in order to extract smoke and heat naturally, thereby providing a smoke-free exit which gives people inside more time to escape."

As a system provider and specialist in customized window technology solutions, GEZE automates window elements of different sizes, weights, shapes and opening types for various areas of application. The age of numerous systems inside a single building is gone. With GEZE window technology, only one system provides smoke and heat extraction and green, daily ventilation with the same system components to match the envelop design of modern green construction.

Whether they are light or large and heavy, parallel-opening vent windows can be automated with the different GEZE drives like Slimchain and Powerchain, or Spindle drive E250NT. All drives are positioned on the inside of the frame or are integrated in the frame. This ensures that the appearance of a glass façade is not impaired.

Subsequently the Slimchain, Powerchain drives and the Spindle drive E 250 NT can be used on various window types. They differentiate between alarm event mode (RWA) and ventilation mode. In other words, either giving a fast and maximum or a slow, limited and virtually noiseless opening. The drive stroke with variable adjustment and the individually adaptable opening speeds enable usage for smoke and heat extraction as well as on ventilation windows of various sizes and with different opening requirements.

The integrated, intelligent control unit allows drives to be networked easily. GEZE supplies the drives complete with brackets. In addition to the standard colours, they are also available in any desired RAL colour.


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