Unique Paving Materials Introduces MICRO MIX™ Mini Cold Mix for Smaller Repair Areas

MICRO MIX mini cold mix is made with a mixture of manufactured sand and the liquid used to manufacture asphalt repair product UPM® Permanent Pavement Repair Material. UPM cold mix is our premier cold applied asphalt repair material, which is guaranteed to outlast surrounding pavement in over 90% of repairs.

MICRO MIX mini mix is designed especially for smaller repair areas. It can be used on eroding concrete expansion joints, shallow pavement pop outs, and various other shallow or narrow applications. MICRO MIX mini mix's specialized asphalt repair abilities are also ideal for asphalt cracks, which can split and extend. Using MICRO MIX mini mix helps reduce repair costs. Its guaranteed-performance will provide long lasting coverage and easy application.

Additionally, Unique Paving Materials offers on-site training to assist with best repair practices for MICRO MIX mini mix. Our region-specific formulas can accommodate the various weather and road conditions of different regions. MICRO MIX mini mix will excel in any situation because it can be customized to the needs of various pavement repair projects. Finally, we offer nationwide, ongoing field support for the life of the material. With high quality design and specialized customer service, MICRO MIX mini mix will ensure top performance.

"We are proud to include MICRO MIX mini mix as one of our many innovative pavement repair products," says Michael Pemberton, President of Unique Paving Materials. "It's products like this, which are designed for niche applications, that truly serve the engineers and street/bridge departments we work with on a daily basis."

For detailed repair needs, there is no more effective pavement repair product than Unique Paving Material's new MICRO MIX mini mix.

About Unique Paving Materials:

Unique Paving Materials was founded over 50 years ago. Today, it is considered a leading provider of pavement maintenance materials in America. We supply states, municipalities, cities, counties and various local agencies with the paving materials they need to keep roads intact. Our experience lies in working with engineers, street and bridge departments. The main goals of Unique Paving Materials include innovating top pavement repair products, saving taxpayer dollars and supporting environmental initiatives.

Source: http://www.uniquepavingmaterials.com/

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