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Compression-Fit Interior Storm Window Helps Retain Beauty of Historic Windows and Improves Energy Efficiency

Historic windows are beautiful, but they can't keep up with today's demand for energy efficiency and comfort.

Do you have to throw them out?


Innerglass windows

Now, homeowners across America can maintain the beauty of their existing wood framed windows and the charm of their historic structure and significantly weatherproof their homes.

The solution is the compression fit interior storm window. It is mounted on the inside of the primary window, where it seals tightly, eliminating drafts and condensation problems. There is a concealed stainless steel leaf spring system that requires no all around track. It conforms to the window opening, automatically compensating for most out of square conditions. The compression storm window is one piece for the entire opening, and pops in and out easily in seconds, without tools. Installation is a quick and easy do-it-yourself in 10 minutes, without disturbing the primary window.

These compression-fit interior storm windows eliminate drafts completely and greatly reduce outside noise while significantly reducing heating and cooling bills.

Condensation is a huge problem and accounts for a large amount of the damage to old wooden windows. The place to stop condensation is at its source, the inside. The trick is to stop the warm, moist air inside from ever getting to the cold outside window. Only an interior storm window that is very tight can do this. Outside storms are designed to be ventilated. A vapor barrier on the warm side of a wall keeps the insulation dry. A vapor barrier is even more critical with windows because they are so thin, the temperature changes are more abrupt.

Allowing condensation to form on old wood windows causes the water to soak into the wood. It collects under the paint and bursts through, causing the paint to peel. Everyone thinks you need to protect windows from the weather, but it is the INSIDE weather that really damages old wood windows.

Innerglass windows have been scientifically evaluated by Thompson and Lichtner – a registered engineering and testing firm. Results show that Innerglass windows are 7.5 times tighter than the test standard for infiltration.

Innerglass uses low E glass, which reflects the heat you've paid for back into your home in the winter. In the summer, it reflects the sun's heat out, lowering your air conditioning costs. Low E glass, in fact, doubles your R value!

Government, Commercial and Industrial buildings have also been fitted with Innerglass windows, saving energy dollars for cost-conscious building owners.

The investment for each Innerglass window is about half the price of a high-end exterior vinyl or aluminum window.

"When would you like to start being comfortable?" asks David Degling, owner of Innerglass for 23 years.

For more information, visit or contact David Degling of Innerglass Window Systems: Email or by calling 800-743-6207.


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