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NeoCon: Snowsound Debuts Four New Acoustic Panel Solutions

Premier acoustic panel brand Snowsound continues to make its mark as the industry leader with a new range of designs that push the envelope. In addition to the current suite of award-winning panels such as MITESCO™, FLAP™ and CORISTA™, new designs include BAFFLE™, PLI™, IN™, and FLAP WINGS™. The new products will help meet the growing demand for acoustic solutions that provide ever more flexibility and comfort to the environments in which they reside.

One of the many ways that Snowsound differentiates itself is by partnering with world-class architects and designers and cultivating their design aesthetics. Most recently, Snowsound commissioned Marc Sadler to create new sophisticated and design-oriented architectural solutions in line with current design trends for commercial spaces that call for shared work settings and open floor plans.

“Snowsound’s proprietary selective sound-absorption technology for optimizing room acoustics is still intact within the new designs, but the installation options and configuration possibilities for today’s creative spaces are now virtually endless,” explains Michael Dardashti, Snowsound USA Director of Business Development. Simply by specifying the relevant application hardware – also developed by the collection’s designers – the same Snowsound technology can be used in an expanded array of configurations: on desks, free standing, as room dividers, mounted on glass and walls, suspended from ceilings, inserted into existing drop ceiling grids, and more. Dardashti adds, “It’s more than just products; Snowsound is a versatile system of solutions that designers and architects can use according to their own creative vision to address the ever growing problem of noise pollution.”

The new panel designs include:


This patented system creates a powerful sound buffer with a unique visual effect by suspending panels from the ceiling and creating an airy and sophisticated atmosphere. The suspension cables can be adjusted to varying heights and composition layers for a truly customized look.


One of the cleverest acoustic designs is PLI, which incorporates a unique strap and snap system that can be configured in multiple ways. Various finishes and discreet supporting feet allow for free-standing panels that can be expanded and “curved” around objects like walls or room dividers.


Simple yet innovative, the IN panel design is produced in 2’x2’ or 2’x4’ sizes to seamlessly integrate with drop ceiling grids to provide superior sound absorption and deter unwanted noise. Depending on color choice, the lightweight panels can blend into the surroundings or become a noticeable design feature in the space.


Part of the award-winning FLAP™ family, the revolutionary FLAP WINGS design balances on the line between art and technology. Perhaps one of the most artistic formations within the Snowsound collection, FLAP WINGS are shaped like an object in nature, with two FLAP panels suspended in an aerial orientation that resembles a dramatic soaring effect.

Unlike other alternative acoustic solutions, Snowsound acoustic panels are differentiated by their double-sided sound absorbing surface design which provides unparalleled acoustic performance.

In addition, all panel designs in the Snowsound collection are frameless to minimize fabrication or labor-intensive assembly of multiple components, making installation quicker and cleaner. The simplicity of installation allows architects and developers to account for Snowsound both at the planning and design phase of a project as well as after project completion as a retrofit solution.

Manufactured and designed in Italy, Snowsound Acoustic Panels are covered with durable, high quality polyester firmly bonded to the inner core, creating a complete, single body unit that is thin and lightweight. Created with a patented composition of material with variable densities - which achieve selective sound absorption at different frequencies - the panels hold a Class A sound absorption and acoustic performance distinction. In addition, the panels adhere to a strict CE certification and meet Class A flame spread and smoke development standards. The products can withstand temperatures from -4oF to +158oF and humidity up to 90%, are formaldehyde-free and 100% recyclable, producing a durable and longer lasting panel that promotes and supports the sustainability of commercial buildings.

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