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Acre Designs Plans 30-Day Indiegogo Campaign to Make NetZero Homes Affordable

Acre Designs, announced a 30-day Indiegogo campaign to revolutionize the home-building industry and make NetZero homes affordable for families nationwide.

NetZero homes produce as much energy as they consume -- meaning no energy bills for the homeowner.

The Indiegogo campaign will fund Acre's flagship prototype, the Axiom House, in Kansas City. According to the Department of Energy, there are no NetZero certified homes in Kansas City and only 600 nationwide.

For the same price as a standard new build, the innovative Axiom House will feature a smart floor plan, the latest in home automation, sleek design and will be completed in just a few months. Acre says the prototype, set for completion in Summer 2016, will:

  • Raise awareness about the benefits of green living via public tours and demos
  • Serve as a living lab for home technology entrepreneurs
  • Help Acre make final refinements before going to market
  • Demonstrate Acre's revolutionary construction processes

Once the Axiom House is finished, the company will focus on building NetZero homes in the Kansas City market and then rollout to several additional cities across the nation in 2017. The company's go-to-market strategy will be based on where it garners the most Indiegogo support.

"We are redefining the American home for families across the country, starting with the Axiom House. The modern family cares about quality and aesthetics as much as the environment and financial freedom," said Acre CEO Andrew Dickson.

Dickson says solar panels are just a small piece of Acre's NetZero approach. The company uses a tight building envelope to prevent air leaks, natural heating and cooling systems, high-efficiency windows, doors, and appliances.

The Axiom House will also include the latest in home automation -- from lighting and HVAC to security, shading, communications, entertainment-- and a robotic mower.

The home even features a responsive floor plan, which can easily adjust to the changing needs of today's family.

Chief Design Officer Jennifer Dickson says an 1,800 square-foot, four-bedroom, two-bath Acre home in Kansas City will cost approximately $225,000. That includes everything but the lot – from the materials and labor to the appliances and solar panels.

Dickson says the Acre home produces lasting value.

"If our future homebuyers apply their monthly energy savings to an accelerated mortgage, we estimate they can save up to $400,000 over 30 years. Just imagine how much you can shift your priorities and your lifestyle," said Dickson.

The company will achieve its affordable price point through a unique, streamlined build system and business model. Acre uses pre-engineered, panelized construction for the walls and roof. It's one of the most precise, efficient systems on the market and goes up in just days. To achieve scale, the company is partnering with top material suppliers and builders nationwide. Finally, the company will offer a seamless sales process. With just a few clicks, homebuyers can pick from one of Acre's six pre-designed homes and view the final product in 3D.

"The Acre Designs team is poised to disrupt the new home construction industry with their innovative business model, first-in-class management team, and visionary approach for how we can all live in more stylish, energy efficient and affordable homes," said the Director of Kansas State University's Center for the Advancement of Entrepreneurship Chad Jackson.

Acre's Indiegogo goal is set at $75,000. Donors can select from a variety of perks, including an overnight stay at the Axiom House and a private dinner party cooked by a top local chef.
Once the perks are filled, co-founders Andrew and Jennifer Dickson, and their two young daughters, will move into the prototype and stay for 18 months.

Follow the Axiom House build process on Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Twitter.

Download videos and renderings on Acre's Media Page.

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