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Milliken Launches New Line of Industrial Grade Pull Tape

Milliken Infrastructure Solutions, LLC, a subsidiary of Milliken & Company, today announced the availability of a new line of industrial grade pull tape to assist with the installation of wiring and cable within conduit structures. Backed by 150 years of innovation, Milliken's woven Vis™ Tape with MPrint™ technology features long-lasting print legibility and durability, print length accuracy and a soft feel to make pulls of fiber optic, copper and coaxial cable easier and more precise.

Milliken's Vis Tape features long-lasting print legibility and durability, print length accuracy and a soft feel to make pulls of fiber optic, copper and coaxial cable easier and more precise.

"When we set out to create a high quality solution for cable pulls, we were committed to delivering a pull tape that was engineered with our long and successful history in textiles and paired with our expertise in high performance products," said Dale Willis, vice president for Milliken Infrastructure Solutions, LLC. "Vis Tape is the result of those efforts, bringing to life a new line of high-strength pull tape that will significantly expedite the installation of almost any telecommunications and power cable haul."

Vis Tape was designed using Milliken's MPrint technology, an entirely new process, which results in an industry-leading print durability and legibility standard for measurements and other markings. Installers can rely on Milliken's process for creating Vis Tape's highly accurate print lengths—with sequential markings every two feet—to ensure cable runs are correct each and every pull. Vis Tape's non-abrasive coating also helps to prevent conduit damage during cable installations.

Milliken's Vis Tape features an ultra-soft feel for their durable tape, which eliminates the rigidness commonly found in other tapes and ropes. This application not only makes the process of manually pulling cable less strenuous on the installer's hand, but also makes managing the tape easier, especially when there is a need to tie knots.

Vis Tape is manufactured with low elongation properties to reduce snap backs, providing a safer alternative to pull ropes.

Milliken's Vis Tape is available in a standard and detective version in a variety of tensile strengths, ranging from 1,130 to 2,500 pounds, and can be purchased in reel lengths ranging from 1,000 to 100,000 feet.

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About Milliken Infrastructure Solutions
Milliken Infrastructure Solutions, LLC offers a range of smart, practical innovations focused on exploring new materials and installation-friendly methods to make it easier and more efficient to rehabilitate, repair, and strengthen infrastructure. Headquartered in Spartanburg, South Carolina, the company's extensive range of products – from fiber reinforced polymer and geopolymer mortar systems, to geosynthetic composite concrete mat and fabric innerduct – offer solutions for oil, gas and industrial; storm and sanitary; buildings and parking facilities; tra­nsport infrastructure; and telecom markets. Milliken Infrastructure Solutions is a subsidiary of Milliken, a global innovation leader that has over 2,200 U.S. patents - and more than 5,000 patents worldwide - since its founding in 1865. To learn more about Milliken Infrastructure Solutions, visit

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