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Energy Inc Releases Promising New Technology

It’s getting very close to that time of year again—time to kick on the air conditioner. Since most of us are still coming to grips with unbelievable gas prices, the thought of adding an air conditioning bill to our budget is daunting, if not outright scary. To ease the average homeowner’s financial fears, Energy Inc. released a promising new technology—TED- The Energy Detective.

TED is an electricity monitor that displays the amount and cost of energy that is being used in your entire home at any given time. This patented electricity monitor eliminates the panicky anticipation of your utility bill’s arrival after a blistering summer month. So instead about worrying about a high power bill looming in the future, homeowners can actually take active steps to not only consolidate their own energy usage, but the national reserve’s as well.

In the State of the Union Address, President George W. Bush asked Americans to help with the energy crisis. TED- The Energy Detective makes saving electricity not just a lofty ideal, but also an affordable option. This electricity meter can be purchased at for under $150 and installed in your home in about 15 minutes. TED then measures the energy demand and usage of the entire home by way of a transmitting device in your circuit breaker panel. The electricity results are then displayed on a screen on the energy monitor device—which can be plugged into any A/C outlet in your home.

A high power bill is avoided, or at the very least, anticipated because TED shows homeowners the cost of electricity being used in accordance with your utility company’s rate structure. Instant updates in the convenience of a home make TED the ideal gift for any homeowner. Did you know that some utility companies charge more for electricity usage during peak times of the day and year when the electricity demand is high? A monitor works as a practical learning tool for children to learn the cost of electricity and the value of money. At present, TED is being developed to include home automation. The innovative electricity monitor will then provide automatic load-shedding during these high demand periods.

TED is the brainchild of Arthur Smith, Dolph Rodenberg, and Rick Borden. Their combined expertise in electrical engineering, business development, electrical contracting, and marketing has led to the invention of The Energy Detective to not only save homeowners from a high power bill, but also to save the environment. President Dolph Rodenberg remarks, “TED is designed to provide a powerful, user-friendly, and cost-effective means of energy management and conservation beneficial to the consumer, the utility, and the environment. Depending on how conscientious the homeowner is, TED could pay for itself in a very short period of time…and continue to save the homeowner for years to come. TED is different from most electricity-measuring items in the marketplace, in that it measures the entire home, and not just one particular item or circuit.”

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