Crowdfunding to Finance Vitacon's VN Cardoso de Melo Building in Brazil

Now anyone will be able to invest in the real estate market directly through the website URBE.ME. The first building in the country to be financed by crowdfunding will be VN Cardoso de Melo, launched by Vitacon Incorporadora e Construtora. Investment is 100% online, and can be done with amounts starting at R$ 1 thousand, which allows small investors to get involved along with the sector's major players.

Vitacon's VN Cardoso de Melo: The first building in Brazil financed by crowdfunding

Profitability will be achieved through the development's performance. The financing of this first real estate development is regulated by the Securities Commission (CVM – Comissao de Valores Mobiliarios), and will be built in the city of Sao Paulo's Vila Olimpia district.

"We are opening up a new investment option that will be accessible to small investors, since anyone can now become an investor in VN Cardoso de Melo with amounts starting at R$ 1 thousand," – explains company CEO, Alexandre Lafer Frankel.

URBE.ME partner, Paulo Deitos, notes that investment through this platform makes it possible for a larger number of people to participate in investments of this scale, and "by facilitating the entry of new participants in the market, vision is renewed, enabling more people to take part in the process and develop a critical sense. Our positioning reinforces this aspect, and stimulates the emergence of developments that are better in every respect."

The URBE.ME platform – which is now beginning its first fundraising drive – was inaugurated in April, and reflects the partners' efforts to find a way to bring together entrepreneurship and innovation. Expectations are high, not just for the launching of this development, but for initiating this new business model that is going to transform existing relationships. Since 2013, URBE.ME has been conceived and developed to bring about a new way of investing to Brazil. Similar platforms are already operating in other countries, such as Fundrise, the first real estate crowdfunding program in the United States.

The Vitacon development - VN Cardoso de Melo – fits right into this new arrangement, offering apartments in prime locations that will give residents time to enjoy the city, since they won't be wasting it on commuting. In addition, the development will not have barred fences, and there will be a cafe open to the public on the ground floor, a positive feature for the city; while it also offers solutions for sharing cars, bicycles, motorbikes and tools that allow for better use of resources in a sustainable fashion.


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