GEZE Presents Innovative Door and Window Mechanisms at BIG 5 Trade Fair

GEZE, one of the world's leaders in manufacturing systems for door and window safety with the incorporation of comfort and design has once again affirmed its position in the Middle East with its participation at the Big 5 exhibition in Dubai.

GEZE at the Big 5 Middle East (PRNewsFoto/GEZE)

At the BIG 5 trade fair, GEZE will be presenting solutions and innovative products to facilitate the mechanisms of some of the most diverse opening- and closure-related scenarios associated with doors and windows. The range of products comprises of automatic door systems, door closer technology, glass systems, systems for natural ventilation and smoke and heat exhaust ventilation in the event of a fire, emergency routes, security technology, access control and building management systems.

The future of doors is multifunctional

GEZE will be demonstrating its door system competences with a new and multifunctional approach which combines barrier-free convenience, security systems, access control and emergency exit management with outstanding design. One of the highlights of the complete system is the new powerful swing door drive, the GEZE Powerturn - an outstanding example of functional diversity and creative freedom, which has been honoured with the international Plus X Award Innovation Prize. GEZE will be showcasing the Powerturn in a swing door system with other system components - including the electronic motor lock IQ lock EL, the door control unit TZ 320 and the escape door lock FTV 320 for controlling and monitoring emergency route doors as well as an access control system as an Internet-based network solution using biometric identification.

Door system expertise in hospitals

GEZE will be introducing two new automatic sliding door systems of the Powerdrive series for high leaf weights and large opening widths for state-of-the-art door systems specially designed for hospitals and healthcare facilities. With the variants Powerdrive Airtight for air-tight clean rooms and Powerdrive Hermetic for use in sterile environments, GEZE is presenting the respective power packs in the form of system solutions associated with complete door systems.

Manual sliding door systems - discreet and powerful

Internal manual sliding doors that are aesthetically sophisticated and compact in appearance with motorized features that enable effortless movement with door leaves of up to 120 kg is now possible with the GEZE Levolan 120 sliding door system. The draw-in damping Levolan SoftStop enhances both safety and comfort.

Innovative swing door convenience

Visitors to the BAU trade fair in Munich at the beginning of the year were the first to witness the launch of GEZE's newest innovation for state of the art motorized internal doors. Now arriving to the Middle East, GEZE will reveal the ActiveStop at the Big Exhibition. With an all-new mode of operation, the ActiveStop double-sided draw-in damping system offers an innovative degree of convenience and a high measure of protection within the entire swivelling range of the door.

The new free swing door closers with comfort hold-open function

GEZE will be presenting the new free swing door closers of the TS 5000 series and the Boxer variants integrated in the door. The new unique comfort, hold-open function, a standard feature in the TS5000 series enables doors to be locked in position and kept open at the end of the free swing. The automatic closing of the door in the event of a fire is not impeded.

Automatic solutions in window technology

GEZE is automating different window elements for a wide range of different applications and will be presenting the modular RWA range with the intelligent chain and spindle drives of the IQ window-drive series. State-of-the-art integrated control technology makes the drives flexible and network compatible, so that they can be tailored perfectly to individual requirements for both ventilation and RWA cases. Big 5 visitors can witness live demonstrations highlighting the RWA central control unit range for actuating the RWA drives in both small and compact as well as in complex RWA systems for themselves at the GEZE booth.


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