Parker & Sons Provides Solutions for Cutting Down Energy Expenditure of Heating Units

Parker & Sons advises that there are better ways to stay warm during the winter than by cranking up the furnace.

Parker & Sons notes that a few degrees can make a massive difference. Turning down the heater will have a direct correlation with savings. Homeowners can use the furnace as one of the many tools in their fight against plummeting temperatures. Parker & Sons states that a heater can be used to raise the home temperature to 68°F rather cheaply. Other techniques may then be used to provide additional warmth.

Sealing drafts will not only cut down on the energy expenditure of the heating unit, but it will also help trap warm air inside the home, increasing comfort for an extended period of time. The United States Department of Energy has stated that individuals can save as much as 30 percent on their monthly energy bill simply by eliminating home drafts.

In the battle against home drafts, caulking and weather stripping are a homeowner's greatest ally. Parker & Sons reports that that data gathered by the Department of Energy shows that most drafts are generated by doors and windows.

Parker & Sons is found of using incense to detect drafts around doors and windows. While being mindful that incense can be a fire hazard, homeowners can hold a lit stick of incense near a location they suspect of being drafty. Next they should keep their eyes on the smoke given off by the incense. If the smoke is whisked away quickly outdoors, than homeowners have identified the source of a draft. Weather stripping can be applied to seal it.

"Drafts can absolutely devastate a home's energy efficiency. Plus they can make you really cold! No one likes drafts. Everyone wants to get rid of them! If you are not confident address the drafts in your home, you should contact a home energy specialist. You will be warm and toasty and saving money in no time," said Josh Kelly of Parker & Sons.

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