Granta Design Announces New Training Program for Material Software Users to Develop Expertise

Granta Design today announced a new training program that will enable thousands of people who use its materials software to develop their skills and to become certified users. CES Selector™ is used to access, plot, and apply materials data in industry and research. CES EduPack™ is its companion product used in materials education at more than 1,000 universities and colleges worldwide.

The new CES Selector Certificate Program will help students and graduates who used CES EduPack at university to demonstrate the resulting skills to prospective employers as they make the transition to industry or research. It will also help new users of CES Selector to get started quickly and then develop their expertise.

Produce beautiful and informative charts for analysis, reports, and presentations with CES Selector.

The program is open to all past and present users of the CES Selector and CES EduPack, enabling them to:

  • Validate their experience with CES EduPack or CES Selector with a certified user status that can be used on a resume or CV
  • Get started fast with CES Selector
  • Extend their knowledge and use of CES Selector tools and methodologies
  • Apply CES Selector more effectively, making quicker, more informed materials decisions.

There are three levels in the program: Certified, Professional and Expert. There is a certificate on passing each level. The Certified level is accessible immediately online through a new eLearning course. It is a useful and easy way for organizations that license CES Selector to provide initial training—at no cost—to all of their users, and for CES EduPack alumni to get certified. It is fully eLearning-based, with online training materials to brush up on your knowledge or help you get started. It covers the materials data available in CES Selector and the core search, comparison and selection tools, and is validated through an online test. Professional Users will be at a level that enables proficient use of the software in industry or research. Expert Users will have extensive experience of using CES Selector and strong knowledge of the full range of concepts and tools. Currently, these two levels are accessed by taking Granta training courses.

In addition to the program, the new CES EduPack Alumni Group in Linkedin offers graduates a platform to interact with others selecting materials in industry, to network and get access to employment opportunities, and to find out about Granta’s software for industry.

Dr Charlie Bream, Senior Product Manager for CES Selector, says: “Every year thousands of students use CES EduPack to support their studies in materials and engineering. It is exciting to launch this certificate program which gives graduates the opportunity to certify and promote their skills as they start out on a career in industry or research, and once there, provides them with a route to become experts in applying CES Selector to make fast, effective and informed materials decisions.”

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