Roofing Companies Using New Roof No Mess Process Drastically Cut Cleanup

From old shingles in the bushes to rusty nails on the driveway, the mess of roof installation frustrates many homeowners. Now, they have an alternative: choose a contractor using the New Roof No Mess® roofing process, which eliminates trash and gets the job done faster.

New Roof No Mess vs Old Process (source: Equipter)

New Roof No Mess-certified roofing companies use an Equipter RB4000, a specialized debris containment system that can be raised roof high, allowing professional contractors to deposit worn shingles, packaging materials, and more into the container instead of onto the homeowner's lawn. For the homeowner, that means there's far less risk of debris and nails being left behind to cut or puncture tires, paws, or piggy toes.

Roofers can also extend the raised container, sometimes called a Roofer's Buggy, backward over landscape features, like shrubs and external heating units, minimizing the risk for inconvenient property damage.

In addition, roofing companies using the New Roof No Mess process drastically cut cleanup so they finish projects in less time. Equipter Marketing Director Sam Beiler says, "When a homeowner chooses a New Roof No Mess contractor, he or she can feel confident their property will get back its curb appeal quickly, whether it's a home makeover, a fixer-upper property, or a long-time residence that simply needs a new roof."

Ninety percent of homeowners hire a professional contractor to handle their roof replacement. Many of these homeowners expect a certain amount of hassle, mess, and property damage to accompany that process. New Roof No Mess was developed by Equipter, a family-run business in the heart of Pennsylvania Amish country, to connect homeowners with roofing contractors willing to invest in leading-edge equipment and customer-focused service.


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