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Using Mixed-Plastic For Sustainable Building Materials

Massive tons of plastic and paper do not have a clear path to reuse anymore and are being transported to landfills as China is closing its doors to U.S. recyclables. By purchasing the manufacturing assets of Des Moines-based ReWall Company, Continuus Material Recovery is set to create a totally new value network in construction building materials as well as signaling in a new era for recycling.

To resolve the growing consumer demand for sturdy sustainable building materials and corporate zero waste goals, Continuus is taking post-consumer and post-industrial mixed plastic and paper intended for landfill and using it to manufacture 4’x8’ building material boards for commercial roofs and exterior wall via an exclusive process.

This new product will be a welcome chance for companies dedicated to zero waste goals. When companies use Continuus roof cover boards for their large commercial roof ventures, they will qualify for waste diversion volumes as an offset towards their zero-waste reporting. Continuus boards are cutting-edge engineered composite building materials with features such as extreme durability, making them ideal for greater building envelope performance.

Throughout its history, ReWall has been a terrific example of innovative entrepreneurial spirit and we are grateful to bring their energy and drive into the Continuus team.

With this acquisition we can accelerate waste reduction opportunities through low cost, easily implementable solutions and generate a universal sustainable raw material for a multitude of new products.

Design and engineering is underway for an even larger facility where we will be producing hundreds of millions of board feet of building materials, and then we’ll move into other areas. In the end, millions of tons of waste won’t end up in landfills.”

Carl Rush, CEO, Continuus Material Recovery

When I was running the recycling program for the state of California we really didn’t have large enough markets for recycled material.

Continuus has proven they can take mixed paper and plastics and use them to make products and create jobs here in the United States.

That’s what recycling is really all about—closing the loop. Not just collecting the materials but turning them into products that can be used over and over.”

Bridgett Luther, Former President of the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute

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