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Now Windows Can Clean Themselves

Everyone likes clean windows, but nobody likes cleaning them. Now, thanks to an innovative technology, they can have it both ways.

An aftermarket spray-on transparent film has developed that allows end- users to create windows that are virtually self-cleaning. The technology is not new, but its application in the field as a glass window coating for residential, industrial and commercial buildings is unique.

"We use the same technology employed by the major window manufacturers, who apply the self-cleaning film during the window production process," says Vincent R. Valles Sr., founder and president of EverClean Technologies, Inc., a Palm Coast, Florida-based company. "The only difference is that our product is now available as an aftermarket spray application for the billions of square feet of existing glass windows in homes, commercial and industrial buildings throughout the United States. We are the first company to bring this innovative and 'intelligent' green technology to the consumer."

How it Works

Before the advent of self-cleaning glass, windows were washed using a standard recipe of an alkali such as ammonia or baking soda in combination with vinegar. There are new cleaners of course, but window cleaning has always been a messy, smelly, labor-intensive job.

Now a substance widely used in other industrial products -- titanium dioxide (Ti02) -- is at the heart of this new coating that makes self-cleaning windows a reality. Together with peroxotitanic acid, a powerful oxidizing agent, these two primary ingredients create a
microcrystalline self-cleaning coating on the glass surface. Then, all a window needs to self wash is sunlight and rain.

The glass cleans itself by a dual reaction. First, the Ti02 on its surface absorbs sunlight to slowly break down and loosen organic dirt. Second, it reduces surface tension so that rain or spray from a garden hose will wash away grime, leaving windows sparkling clean.

Since UV light is abundant even on cloudy days or in shaded areas, this process works non-stop throughout the day.

EverClean prevents mold and mildew and won't crack, peel or discolor over the life of the coating. The product offers long-term and effective low maintenance on windows, external doors, enclosed lanais, conservatory roofs and many more diverse glass surfaces in residential and commercial applications.

Most importantly, the coating lasts for up to ten years and is eco- friendly. The self-cleaning glass yields not only the practical benefits of saving time and money, but also clearer, brighter looking windows. And unlike regular window cleaning products, this film produces no contamination from the runoff of detergents and chemicals.

"With consumer interest in making home improvements and adding value to their properties at an all-time high, news about this aftermarket coating is a welcome development," says Chris Boals, president of a Fish Window Cleaning franchise of Daytona Beach, Florida. "I believe it will create an important new business niche in the home improvement industry," adds Boals.

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