Deep Surface Announce the Launch of Two Innovative, Space-Making Furniture Products

Deep Surface is pleased to announce the launch of two innovative, space-making furniture products, the Spacia Bed and the Roller Bed. With our homes becoming ever more expensive and ever smaller, Deep Surface products maximise the versatility of our homes with products that earn their place.

The Spacia is a self contained, push-button operation orthopaedic sleeping solution that installs into a 350mm (13.75in) section floor-cavity. It allows a permanent-use bed to be deployed in seconds, once opened, the mechanism locks into position with a force of 14,000kg (30,865lbs).

Designed for new-build construction or building conversion, the Spacia offers a unique, entirely under-floor furniture solution allowing truly multi-functional living spaces to be created without compromise.

In use, the Spacia panders to our every need by being secure, fast in operation, safe in use and durable enough to be of service for years to come, it even lets us be lazy as the bed does not have to be made for the Spacia to be closed

The Spacia is the first strategic sleeping product of its type allowing new levels of versatility to be realised in our living spaces. Small living spaces can be made smaller with no reduction in functionality or internal space, conversion developments need no longer be restricted to a fixed number of bedrooms - any room becomes a potential part time or full time bedroom as required by it’s inhabitants. The Spacia will even hide away wall clutter and other furnishings required during day time work with the tall headboard, leaving a tranquil, uncluttered sleeping space.

Spacia is shipped fully assembled and ready to install.

The Roller Bed is a multi-purpose object as happy as a seat as it is a coffee table, foot stool or storage unit; when required it can be deployed in seconds as a supportive, comfortable single bed.

Rather than asking owners to undertake the complication of futon operation, the Roller Bed simply operates with the pull of a handle to unfurl the sleeping surface; legs are deployed with a push of a thumb, locking into place automatically providing a bed that takes a few seconds to operate from beginning to end.

The Roller Bed is available in a range of premium materials and finishes to complement every interior space. Fine veneers, laminates and resin finishes are available for the bed sides with leather, natural and synthetic fabrics being available for the upholstery. Should customers require a perfect match with a specific interior, custom finishes can be produced using fabrics and materials supplied by the customer, every combination to suit every interior and every budget.

The Spacia and Roller beds are the first of many space-saving, hassle-free furniture systems designed by Deep Surface Ltd. for pre-fabricated "Micro-Flats" and conventional homes in urban centres with limited available space.

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