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Nu-Lok Launches World's First Solar Roofing System

Award-winning global roofing company Nu-lok Roofing Systems, has launched the world's first fully integrated solar roofing system.

Other solar panels require expensive and heavy fixing structures to attach them to the roof. This ingenious invention from Nu-lok simply locks the panels into the existing attens to provide a safe power source, which seamlessly integrates into the existing roof.

Nu-lok's existing patented fixing system - which replaces traditional wooden battens with a lightweight, galvanised steel grid system - has been cleverly combined with specially designed solar PV (photovoltaic) panels.

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels work by converting solar energy into electricity. PV panels consist of one or two layers of a semi-conducting material, usually silicon. When light hits the solar PV panels on the roof, it creates an electrical field across the layers, causing electricity to be generated.

This power can be used throughout the household in the same way as electricity from a mains supply is used to power all appliances and lighting.

The benefits of a Nu-lok solar roof are:

  • A dedicated, clean, safe power source
  • Reduced electricity bills and protection against rising energy costs
  • Reduced carbon dioxide emissions Increased property value
  • Minimal maintenance with long operational life
  • No moving parts - silent operation Seamless integration with your existing roof for a stunning result

Not only is the environment set to benefit from an ongoing reduction in CO2 emissions, immediate financial savings are made by eliminating the need for expensive and unsightly support housings.

Nu-lok's founder Bob Hick explains: "We were surprised to discover that people don't realise the manufacture of support carriages for solar panels actually creates additional CO2 emissions. These emissions extend the time needed to obtain a positive return from your investment in solar panels.

"Nu-lok is pleased to offer a solar roofing solution that not only looks fantastic, but really does keep CO2 emissions to an absolute minimum," Hick continued.

Unlike other solar roofing options, Nu-lok's patented metal batten system doesn't require any nails or screws, which means installation costs are significantly reduced and panels can be easily removed or replaced. Extra panels can also be simply added to increase the amount of electricity generated.

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