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Solar Panels and Solar Air Heating Systems become more Popular

Alternative energy options are becoming more affordable, efficient and available ... or are they? As solar panels and solar air heating systems become more popular, supplies are actually becoming scarcer as manufacturers and distributors struggle to keep up with increasing demand. In fact, because of the recently popularized Net-Zero homes and new state programs like Pennsylvania’s Energy Efficient Affordable Housing projects, solar air heating systems for individuals and residences are becoming hot commodities and harder to get. How do you solve this problem? Educate a consumer, that’s how.

As heating oil and other fossil fuel prices rise, more and more people are considering the implementation of solar power and solar air heating into their homes. While these systems can cost 10-20 percent more up front, they ultimately pay for themselves in less than five years, especially in northern climates where they are in use for at least 75 percent of the year. There is also the added benefit to the environment as we reduce dependency on fossil fuels and lessen harmful emissions into the air.

Solar air heating systems collect solar power and convert it to heat. There are several systems that are perfect for residential application and the Alternative Energy Store offers an excellent tutorial in their newly enhanced “How To” section at Helping customers learn and plan for their energy needs is a cornerstone of the philosophy at the Alternative Energy Store in Hudson, Ma. Still, with all the education in the world, with demand increasing and supplies dwindling, planning ahead is becoming part and parcel of implementing green energy into a home.

“We want to encourage consumers to plan ahead for their solar air heating system and electric power needs. All too often our customers come to us when their home heating bills are too high and we have to tell them that it could take months to get their solar air heating systems from the manufacturer because demand is so high,” said Sascha Deri, one of the founders of the Alternative Energy Store. “The answer is to plan ahead and try to buy in the spring or summer when there is obviously less demand for home heating solutions!”

According to Jim Meaney of Canadian based Cansolair, a leading manufacturer of solar panels and solar air heating systems, because of the larger orders, many people will have to wait. “Our lead time for large orders is into the months right now,” he said. The success and growth of solar panel implementation is a double edged sword as smaller manufacturers struggle to keep up with this new clean energy boom.

“Our hope is that by educating consumers about planning ahead for these investments in their home that they won’t be forced into buying traditional fossil fuel solutions because of a lack of supply of solar air heating systems,” said Deri. “We need to get the word out that converting your home is a smart solution that can be easy when you plan ahead!”

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