Outdoor Rooms Made More Cozy With The Outdoor Fireplaces

An outdoor room can provide homeowners with a means to "get away" while still in the comfort of their homes, and outdoor fireplaces increase that comfort factor.

In turn, many fireplace companies, including Lennox Hearth Products, have broadened outdoor fireplace choices to accommodate outdoor room designs that tend to shift from region to region.

Homeowners in the Eastern, Midwest and Northern regions of the U.S. must contend with seasonal changes and are generally unable to use outdoor living spaces year-round. Some, however, battle the elements with covered decks, patios or screened porches.

Because of milder weather, West Coast and Southern homeowners lean towards the use of open courtyards or balconies.

Today, more and more builders are designing transitional spaces fusing inside with outside, allowing for year-round activity and increased flexibility with furnishings, lighting and finishes. Outdoor fireplaces are particularly welcome in cooler climates because they prolong the time a homeowner can use their outdoor rooms. There is also high demand in warmer climates where fall and winter evenings can be chilly, because outdoor fireplaces allow homeowners to stay outside longer.

Outdoor Fireplace Offerings

There are many options when it comes to choosing the appropriate fireplace for an outdoor room, such as the look of the fireplace, the type of fireplace, weather resistance and chimney requirements. Lennox Hearth Products offers outdoor fireplaces that make outdoor room design choiceseasy and versatile.

The elegant details and sleek look of the Oasis(TM) Wood-Burning Fireplace provide finishing touches to any outdoor gathering place. With its expansive design, detailed brick-patterned interior and durable all-stainless steel construction, the Oasis maintains its beauty season after season, making it a wonderful choice for any homeowner.

The Merit(R) Plus Indoor/Outdoor Wood-Burning Fireplace fits easily into almost any space and works in a number of outdoor design plans. It is available in two of the most popular wood burning framing sizes and thestainless steel front face make this fireplace a nice complement to an outdoor kitchen equipped with stainless steel appliances. The large stainless steel fire grate and stainless steel curtain fire screen provide exceptional weather resistance against the elements.

The newest outdoor fireplace from Lennox is the Elite(R) Outdoor Gas Fireplace, also offering a stainless steel clean face and firebox parts. With a "go-anywhere" configuration, this fireplace works in any outdoor installation and requires no chimney. Its 17" tall, dancing flames and detailed charred oak campfire-style log set provide a truly realistic fire presentation.

Lennox Hearth Products' outdoor fireplaces are available with many optional accessories, including decorative doors in multiple styles, stainless steel weather covers, drain pan kits and hood kits.

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