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First Breathable Roofing Barrier Introduced by DuPont

As a leader in delivering energy-efficient products to the marketplace, DuPont has launched DuPont(TM) Tyvek(R) AtticWrap(TM), the first breathable roofing membrane to completely seal a home's building envelope. A cutting-edge innovation, Tyvek(R) AtticWrap(TM) is specifically designed for a home's attic to create a continuously airtight space that prevents air and water intrusion and helps conserve energy.

Tyvek(R) AtticWrap(TM) is a roofing membrane that helps create a drier, healthier living space by helping to protect attic areas that are prone to drafts, mold and mildew. If an attic space is not properly wrapped, a home's natural ventilation system can cause significant energy loss, 40 percent of which escapes through the roof.

"This product will revolutionize the weather-resistant performance standards of builders everywhere," said Tom Powell, vice president and general manager - DuPont Surfaces and Building Innovations. "When Tyvek(R) AtticWrap(TM) is used with DuPont(TM) Tyvek(R) HomeWrap(R), an airtight building envelope that surrounds the entire home is formed, resulting in a significant degree of higher comfort, helping to eliminate dust, pollen and insects in the attic. It also can save up to 20 percent on heating and cooling costs."

"Our science-based innovations are designed to strengthen homes inside and out," Powell added. "We're focused on ensuring homes are tightly sealed, protected from harsh weather, while at the same time create aesthetically pleasing, comfortable living environments."

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