Wavin Plastics Updates Definitive Guide to Rainwater Systems

OSMA Rainwater Systems from Wavin Plastics has updated the hugely popular ‘Rainwater Systems Selection and Installation Guide’ which provides advice and support for its customers on the correct selection of rainwater systems.

This new guide offers a complete choice of six profile systems – RoundLine, SquareLine, DeepLine, SuperLine, Roofline and NEW StormLine.  Wavin Plastics can assure the right size and type of gutter for every installation. The systems are all fast and easy to install, and have the reassurance of expert advice and support.

Denise O’Leary, customer marketing manager at Wavin Plastics, commented: “With an increase in rainfall and storm frequency, it is now more important than ever that all properties are installed with effective rainwater systems. The handy guide is designed to provide installers with some hints and tips on the correct selection, preparation and installation of rainwater systems.”

The guide is divided into 8 simple sections, containing all the basic information for an installation. It includes a step-by-step picture guide for the installation process including:

  1. Selection guidance - provides a quick reference system selector for typical building profiles, including details on system capacity.
  2. Roof area calculations - to help in the calculation of the maximum roof area to be drained as well as how many brackets are needed and the length of down pipe required.
  3. Existing Systems - provides advice on how to replace an existing system or if connecting to an existing system.
  4. System Selector - details the correct product specification for domestic and industrial and commercial buildings. The selector includes gutter profiles, roof area, colour choice and down pipe systems.
  5. Preparation - provides advice and a picture guide detailing the preparation of a site including how to remove old guttering, check gutter suitability and planning the gutter run.
  6. Installation techniques – offers advice for cutting gutters and down pipes as well as how to insert the guttering into brackets/fittings
  7. Installation procedures – a detailed guide to gutters and down pipes.
  8. Installation tips – provides on the complete installation, from the site survey through to the final water test.

Whilst no project is ever the same, Wavin Plastics recognises that there are some simple factors that form the basis of every selection and installation of a rainwater system.


27th October 2006

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