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Kitchen Cabinets Need Remodeling in Order to Remain Safe, Reliable Services

Home improvement authority explores the challenge of deciding how much remodeling cabinets need in its next feature article, "Debating Whether to Remodel the Inside or Outside of Your Kitchen Cabinets." The article reveals a step-by-step system for evaluating a kitchen cabinet project so that consumers can make smart planning decisions that will give them safe kitchens and meet their aesthetic and budgetary needs. This article will be published later this month and is one of many kitchen remodeling resources for homeowners at (

Safety is a key determining factor when considering kitchen cabinet remodeling. Homeowners should be aware that old, cracked cabinets can lead to a variety of food safety dangers. According to the Food and Drug Administration, food-borne illnesses are on the rise. This is partially because experts have identified more than five times as many food-borne pathogens than were known 50 years ago.

"Even a few warped or scraped areas can be magnets for germs, mold, and bacteria," says author Allison Beatty, founder of premier online home improvement resource.

Beatty continues, "One overriding factor in your decision to remodel the inside or outside of your cabinets--or start over with new cabinets--is the cabinet quality. If you have strong cabinets that are well made, then light remodeling can do wonders."

Most consumers want to understand how durable their existing cabinets are so that they can budget their project. Judging cabinet durability requires careful examination of:

  • Construction material
  • Material thickness
  • Drawer construction
  • Hinge and door alignment

Light exterior remodeling projects include:

  • Cabinet refacing
  • Varnishing
  • Painting
  • Adding shelf paper
  • Changing hardware offers homeowners a place to connect with each other, get new ideas, and share home improvement experiences online. Through the commonalities of their experiences, homeowners can more fully explore the home renovation process.

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