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Research Helps IDRC Discover "Emotional Side" of Services

In a move to better position the brand to its customers, Interior Door Replacement Company (IDRC), the largest franchise of its kind in the United States, introduced its new 'Transforming Home and Life' motto to emphasize research findings indicating the significant emotional impact that replacing interior doors has on the lives of homeowners.

To obtain feedback on the motivations of its growing customer base, IDRC hired Philos Consulting LLC, a national marketing and branding firm, to conduct extensive market research and focus groups with 5,500 previous IDRC customers, as well as having a consumer psychologist survey a group of customers. The results showed that IDRC customers experienced a marked increase in the pride of their homes once they replaced their doors, leading to a renewed attitude and lifestyle changes.

Since it was founded in 1997, IDRC ( has gone above and beyond the services of a general contractor with its one-stop, hassle-free door replacement services. Now, the Philos study has shed new light by showing that IDRC's success has been fueled by homeowners' emotional needs, rather than just a desire for "richer" looking doors or convenient services. According to CEO Dave Winter, IDRC took the feedback to heart, restructuring its brand identity to reflect the significant impact that home improvements, specifically interior doors, have on a homeowner's life.

"We were pleasantly surprised with the information the research uncovered about our customers and how our services have impacted their lifestyles," Winter said. "What we found is that some of our customers call on our services simply because they know their old doors are outdated, but many of them are also motivated by a lifestyle change, such as moving into a new home, the birth of a child or their children leaving for college. The research from our consulting firm also showed us that our customers are often surprised how our doors transform and rejuvenate their entire homes and personal lives."

Gathering information from 5,500 IDRC customers, Philos found that IDRC's strongest customer base consists of worldly, professional and active people who seek to reinvigorate and upgrade their homes. Tom Quarton, Managing Partner for Philos, said IDRC's influence on homes and lives is most apparent in the emotional testimonials of female IDRC customers. In fact, one woman customer reported that the new doors inspired both she and her husband to "get off the couch," and noted that after IDRC replaced their interior doors, her husband began to invest in additional home improvements around the house that she had wanted him to do for years.

"Our new brand strategy and tagline reveal how IDRC doors jumpstart home improvement, providing an instant impact on a home, satisfaction for its customers and the foundation for future projects," said Winter. "The insight gained from our research helps us better connect with our customers, gives us a stronger foothold in the crowded home improvement market, and opens new doors to further grow our brand."

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