Tender Invitation for Life Cycle Assessment of Aggregates Launched by WRAP

WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) has launched an Open Tender inviting bids to carry out a Life Cycle Assessment of Aggregates.

The purpose of the work is to develop a Life Cycle Inventory and Assessment for aggregates produced from both primary and recycled resources. The study should also make a comparison between processing options for aggregates for unbound applications, aggregates for concrete, and aggregates for asphalt.

The resources to be assessed are:

* igneous rocks; * sedimentary rocks; * sand and gravel deposits (land and marine); * recycled unbound inert waste; * recycled concrete; and * recycled asphalt.

The study will cover all aspects of extraction and processing of primary resources through to the point of their dispatch as aggregates. It should also investigate issues such as the excess production of fines where sales and production are out of balance. Washing processes that enable the further processing of fines and other aggregate sizes are to be considered for both primary and recycled resources, in addition to conventional screening and crushing.

The report should also assess the relative proximity of sources of primary aggregates and recycled aggregates to the market place and disposal options for inert construction and demolition wastes.

This opportunity has arisen from the requirement for further data on the environmental profiles of various sources of aggregates, and on the comparative environmental impacts of the different disposal and recovery routes.

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