Defra's New Guidance On Flood Protection In The Pipeline

A new study funded under DEFRA’s Making Space for Water programme will provide the construction industry with much needed guidance on developing sites to cope with flooding and climate change.

Already many UK developments are planned in areas where there is a potential risk of flooding. As climate change advances and more areas come under risk, there is an even greater need for us to understand how to make developments flood resilient and to ensure continuity of daily life can be maintained during times of flooding. The LifE Project (Long-term Initiatives for Flood Risk Environments) which is being led by Barker & Coutts Architects and BRE, will explore a range of ideas to improve the way developments are planned and designed in flood risk areas.

Innovative strategies will be developed for three riverside sites. The project team will then prepare planning and design recommendations which will be tested by a wide group of stakeholders including the Environment Agency, local authorities, residents, developers, investors and insurers. From the feedback received, a set of generic planning and design principles will be produced together with working examples for developing integrated environmental and flood proof plans that are transferable to other sites and conditions.

Development agencies, local authorities and developers interested in getting involved in the project are invited to put forward suggestions for sites.

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