Radiant Solutions Designs and Packages High Quality Radiant Heating Products for Floor Warming

The national growth rate of energy costs increased from 17 percent to 23 percent in 2006 alone, according to the Bureau of Statistics Consumer Price Summary. In response to the consistently increasing cost of energy, Adam Kuch, of Radiant Solutions based in Salt Lake City, Utah, states that radiant heat, widely known as the most comfortable and efficient alternative heating method available, is the ideal heating solution for residential and commercial property owners.

An innovative new company helping define the radiant heating industry, Radiant Solutions designs and packages high quality radiant heating products for floor warming, driveway snow melting and roof de-icing systems.

"Radiant Heat is the most efficient, comfortable alternative heating method available on the market today," said Vice President Kuch. "Unlike forced air systems, radiant heat emits energy like the sun, warming floors, objects and people first. Every day, new customers are finding our products to be the most cost effective, reliable, convenient and comfortable."

The rising cost of energy is the top concern among entrepreneurs in the U.S., according to the PNC Financial Services Group. As a result of rising energy expenses, a recent survey released by the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) found that the popularity of radiant floor systems is growing undeniably, with almost 25 percent of builders surveyed planning to increase their use of radiant heat systems within the next year. The word is spreading quickly.

Employed as either a primary or supplemental source of heat, radiant floor heat is one the most common forms of radiant heat. While such systems are primarily built directly into the floor, Radiant Solutions' Low Voltage Zmesh heating system can be installed under any floor covering and requires no floor build up, and can also be nailed and stapled through without damaging the heating element.

Heated driveway and snow melting systems provided by Radiant Solutions can be set up underground to create heated driveways that require no shoveling or plowing after it snows, as well. Additionally, roof de-icing and gutter melt products can be installed to prevent dangerous ice from forming on a roof's valley and eaves.

Individuals and business owners are quickly discovering that by making changes to their basic heating system, they can save money every day and enjoy increased profits as a result.

"Radiant heat creates a safer business environment outdoors as well as indoors, while eliminating the need for costly snow removal services," said Tony Dixon of Radiant Solutions. "Our clients range from professionals like architects and contractors, to do-it-yourself home and business owners. Radiant heat is the perfect fit for anyone interested."

Rising energy costs have made savvy entrepreneurs and consumers examine radiant heat options more closely than ever. Consider that in 2005, the EIA found that Americans spent $1 trillion on energy, which was $200 billion more than the previous year. Additionally, the EIA Energy Outlook for 2006 revealed that the raw consumption of energy is projected to increase 1 percent annually over the next 25 years. Rising heating costs make exploring more efficient options a top priority, and Radiant Solutions claims they have the perfect solution.

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