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Sound Proofing Product is Now Available for Homes and Condos

A revolutionary sound proofing product is now available for homes and condos. The amazing 1/8" thick material, Acoustiblok, when used in a standard stud wall stops more sound than 12" of poured concrete! As populations live ever-closer noise has become prevalent. Finding serenity has become all but impossible. Now, this amazing new soundproofing product is changing homes and condos into the quiet retreats they should be.

The unique character of Acoustiblok is that it is extremely soft and heavy yet only 1/8" thick. It flexes as sound waves hit it, thus changing sound energy into trace amounts of heat. Expending the acoustic energy is vastly superior and more economical than conventional methods of trying to stop or block sound with rigid material. In a recent independent laboratory test of a wall using Acoustiblok, the lab manager was absolutely amazed at the result.

"In all the years of testing, we have never tested anything that reduced sound to that degree," explained Kurk Golden, who oversaw the lab testing at Architectural Testing Incorporated in York, Pennsylvania.

Acoustiblok is the creation of Lahnie Johnson of Tampa, Florida. Johnson, an entrepreneur and inventor started in the aerospace industry just out of high school. From that creative environment, he went on to start his own business. After 30 years in the audio industry, Johnson saw the increasing need to sound proof home theaters. After years of testing and experimentation, Johnson found the secret - but then realized to really be accepted in the building industry, it would need U.L. fire approval. After several years, Johnson arrived at the formula and Acoustiblok is now U.L. approved for virtually all floor, wall and ceiling usage, as well as being "green certified" with zero mold potential. Johnson has several other sound abatement patents, one of which is a sound-absorbing panel for outdoor use -- All Weather Sound Panels(TM) (Patent Pending).

"Acoustiblok has received much international attention and is setting up distribution as fast as possible; Dubai, United Arab Emirates being the most recent. Business is thriving to say the least. We have people calling us from all over the world. The implications of this new Acoustiblok product are enormous. No construction changes are required. At 1/8" thick, it cuts with a box knife and is simply stapled to the studs before drywall," explains Johnson. From huge high-rise condos to oil rigs in the North Sea, even in the Grand Canyon - Acoustiblok is revolutionizing what we don't want to hear around the world.

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