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Pilkington Building Products - UK Provides the Ultimate in Fire-Resistant Glass

Pilkington Building Products - UK provides the ultimate in fire-resistant glass, and works with specialist companies across the UK and Ireland to offer a comprehensive fire-resistant glass service. Between them they offer unrivalled technical support and advice on key issues concerning application, fire safety regulation and design.

Pilkington fire-resistant glass is focused on fitness for purpose and has been designed to suit a wide range of applications in a large number of framing systems, particularly for use in partial or full size fire doors and partitions, glazing along escape routes, building compartmentation and overhead glazing.

The Pilkington fire-resistant glass range can also be used in external glazing to prevent breakout of fire and movement of fire along the outside face of a building, and potentially in the same building or to adjacent and facing buildings. The latest system developments even allow the construction of integral load-bearing fire-resistant glass floors in response to demands from architects for high light levels throughout modern buildings. Products such as Pilkington Pyrostop™, Pilkington Pyrodur™, Pilkington Pyrodur™ Plus and Pilkington Pyroshield™ possess excellent fire resistance properties and safety performance.

Pilkington Pyrostop™ and Pilkington Pyrodur™ provide the ideal choice for clear fire protection. They are based on a laminate of glass and a special interlayer to provide the highest levels of robust fire protection whilst maximising optical quality and the available levels of natural light and visibility. Pilkington Pyrostop™ provides a high level of reliability and the most complete performance range in integrity and insulation glazing. For the past 30 years, Pilkington Pyrostop™ has been extensively tested in a whole variety of different systems around the world providing applications that are highly rated, achieving standard classification times of 30, 60, 90, 120 and even 180 minutes integrity and insulation. The Pilkington Pyrodur™ range offers full insulation against fire for a period time, which is derived from the special layer. Pilkington Pyrodur™ Plus, the latest product in the range is only 7mm thick and combines integrity classification in 30 minute intervals w! ith insulation for classified in 15 minute intervals and impact safety. The whole range is ideal for use in timber partitions and fire doors, especially in minimising the risk of ignition of the timber beads on the non-fire side.

The Pilkington Pyroshield™ range provides robust fire safety performance in protecting against fire by limiting the spread of flames, smoke and hot gases. The incorporation of an integral wire mesh in the body of the glass also provides a visual deterrent to would-be intruders.

Fire-resistant glass specialists, Anders Glass, Float Glass Industries, Glas-Seal and Nicholls & Clarke Glass are specially accredited to provide the Pilkington Pyrostop™ and Pilkington Pyrodur™ fire-resistant glass range from stock. Each one is dedicated to providing the highest levels of services from supply of cut sizes to technical assistance and application.

In addition to the level of on-the-ground expertise available from these companies, Pilkington has produced a range of communication materials to help provide advice and guidance in this critical area. The Pilkington Specifire is an online specification tool which details the entire Pilkington range of fire-resistant glass and its extensive testing portfolio. It allows users to identify the most appropriate fire resistant glass quickly, easily and accurately together with a pdf of the applicable fire test summary to aid specification and approval. Specifire can be easily accessed at

A full suite of literature is also available and the company's website is also home to a wealth of information on the products, which can be viewed at

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