CMI Waterfront Offered Solution to Tampa General Hospital

Tampa General Hospital had two problems - a failing seawall and a new parking structure that needed to be protected from the bay. This hospital is particularly critical because it has the only level one trauma center in west central Florida. 1,200 linear feet of new seawall was needed that was resistant to marine borers and the marine environment, aesthetically pleasing and without impact on the environment. CMI Waterfront Solutions, the world's largest manufacturer of seawall systems, offered such a solution.

Issues impacting both the environment and the need for lasting structures spawned a new line of seawall products materials from vinyl to fiberglass. Using materials that don't leach into the water is an added benefit for many developers. These advances are also leading to structures that last longer and have more consistent design performances based on manufacturing expectations. This is a huge benefit for an engineer designing with these man made products.

The engineer chosen to design the bulkhead was Reuben "Rube" Clarson of Reuben Clarson Consulting in St. Petersburg, FL. "The old steel wall was failing and there would be additional loading from the parking garage expansion."

Skanska U.S.A. is a leading provider of comprehensive construction services and managed the project. "We considered steel and concrete", said Fred Haynes from his offices in Tampa, "The product looks cleaner and installs faster than other conventional seawall materials. We are eager to use ShoreGuard in other civil applications such as retention ponds, baffle walls and flood walls."

Oslec Fernandez, Director of Facilities Management, had some very serious concerns about the old failing seawall. "The old wall was a combination of steel sheeting and pre-cast concrete which was severely deteriorated. Using these materials again was not an option because the concrete had to be jetted in which could disturb the existing structure and cause catastrophic failure. The vinyl sheet pile could be installed by vibrating the sheets into the ground leaving the deteriorating wall undisturbed".

Phase one of the seawall construction was completed by Misener Marine.

Waterfront Engineering constructed the second phase of the bulkhead. "We were fortunate to work with a great team on the project. Tampa General Hospital, Skanska U.S.A. and CMI Waterfront solutions were all focused on a common goal and together we delivered a large scale phase that met everyone's expectations." Said Daniel Anseeuw, President.

As more vinyl and fiberglass walls are showing up along waterways, people are taking notice and adapting to the times.

"The product looks great and we are very pleased with the outcome", said Oslec from his office at Tampa General Hospital. "ShoreGuard saved us 25% on materials and carries an incredibly long warranty". There is no other choice for seawall solutions.

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