EcoGreen Fire becomes One of 11 Distributors to Sell EcoSmart Fireplace

EcoGreen Fire recently became one of 11 distributors in the U.S. to sell the highly sought-after EcoSmart fireplace. The fireplace is an Australian innovation that uses denatured ethanol as its core heating source. Ethanol is produced from the staples of the agricultural and forestry industries and is virtually maintenance-free. The combustion of ethanol results in a clean emission: heat, steam and carbon dioxide.

The EcoSmart burner's technique of safely housing and burning a flammable liquid, offering an open flame in a controlled environment, makes it ideal for just about all contemporary environments, including apartments, houses, restaurants, bars and offices. It is the only U.L. approved ventless fireplace in the United States.

Just recently, the EcoGreen Fire company admitted to trying to introduce Brad Pitt to a "new flame." What they were offering to Mr. Pitt was one of their eco-friendly fireplaces as a housewarming present.

"Now that he has a house in New Orleans," says Mike Paine, co-owner of EcoGreen Fire, "we thought it would be a nice gesture. We've followed his work with Global Green, helping to rebuild the New Orleans area, and we think it's great what he's doing in the community."

The EcoGreen Fire company is certain that if Mr. Pitt will take them up on their housewarming offer that it will be a perfect match. The EcoSmart product is green-friendly, trendy, and popular and is sure to be the hottest thing going in 2007.

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