Starry Night Lights to Showcase Sky Friendly Outdoor Lights

Starry Night Lights founder and President Anthony Arrigo will be attending the 19th annual meeting of the International Dark Sky Association (IDA) to showcase his company's lineup of sky friendly outdoor light fixtures.

The event will take place March 4-6 at the Doubletree at Reid Park in Tucson, Arizona with energy savings, sustainability, and urban planning as its focus. Among those scheduled to present are leading scientists, educators, government officials and a number of power and lighting company executives. Anyone interested in the future of our planet is invited to attend.

Light pollution showcases the current lack of sustainability built into our society. It wastes billions of dollars and vast quantities of energy annually. The sky glow seen over most urban and suburban areas is one of its many manifestations. It is caused by excessive light shining skywards. This glow overwhelms the night sky preventing many people from seeing more than a handful of stars at night.

Night sky friendly outdoor lighting has been the perennial call from the IDA and Starry Night Lights has answered that call. With the lighting industry's most comprehensive collection of exclusively sky friendly outdoor lights, Starry Night Lights is a leader in the struggle to protect and preserve our heritage of star-filled night skies. Mr. Arrigo will be on hand to showcase a selection of attractive, energy efficient night sky friendly outdoor lights.

"Most light fixtures in use today shine much of the light they produce up into the night sky. This is incredibly wasteful and environmentally destructive," according to Arrigo. "Our fixtures put all the light they emit down onto the ground where it's needed. This allows our customers to use lower wattages for a given lighting need, resulting in significant savings on utility bills and dramatic reductions in green house gas emissions."

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