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Door Jamb Armor for Housing Authorities and Property Managers Introduced Armor Concepts LLC

Armor Concepts LLC, a leading designer and distributor of products to secure and protect residences from home invasion, introduces a new, unique line of Door Jamb Armor® products to prevent vandalism and theft in residences, apartments and vacant properties.

Over 3,300 cities in the U.S. have publicly managed housing representing 1.3 million households. There are also currently 17 million apartment units in the U.S. Most of these cities and property managers deal with significant problems related to tenant security.

According to the FBI Uniform Crime report and the US Department of Justice, a burglary occurs every 15 seconds somewhere in the U.S. In more than 50% of all burglaries, thieves enter by kicking in a door. It takes less than 45 seconds and three kicks to break through the average residential door. A home that has already been burglarized is four times more likely to be burglarized again.

Many people believe that a home security system with offsite monitoring is all they need to keep their homes secure. In fact, alarm systems simply alert an owner that an intruder is already inside, and they do nothing to stop an intruder that has made the decision to enter a home. In addition, while the average police response time to a home alarm is greater than 20 minutes, an experienced thief is in and out of a house in less than 5 minutes.

Burglaries and other kick-ins cost apartment owners, property managers and insurance companies billions every year. It can easily cost over $500 to repair or replace a damaged door jamb. While burglary is a significant issue among many property owners, nearly all property owners and property managers must deal with doors that are kicked in as the result of jealous spouses or tenants that simply forget their keys. Not repairing a door that has been kicked in, for any reason, can result in substantial liability for a property owner. Until now, there has been no easy way to repair a shattered doorjamb and no real way to help insure that the door will not simply be kicked in again after it has been repaired, which often happens.

Door Jamb Armor® was developed by the partners of a real estate investment company with properties under renovation located in transitional areas. Following several break-ins, increasing property loss costs, and several failed attempts to solve the problem with existing solutions, they began to consider new alternatives.

Physical security products are those which strengthen the entry points on a structure and actually work to prevent intruders from entering an establishment, rather than simply alerting an owner that an intruder is already inside. The initial product is a fabricated steel solution that reinforces the existing doors on a structure and helps proactively prevent potential intruders from kicking them in. The product is also a very effective and inexpensive way to repair previously damaged doorjambs.

Door Jamb Armor® was designed and developed in 2005, and tested throughout 2006 in a variety of residential settings. It has been confirmed by several police departments and crime prevention organizations as a viable and cost effective solution to an increasing problem.

"I highly recommend this product to every family, and Door Jamb Armor® should be implemented in every security application," advises Frank J. Santamorena, Physical Security Professional and Security Advisor to the Discovery Network's show "It Takes a Thief."

"Every apartment complex in America, Canada and Mexico that has wooden doorjambs should have Door Jamb Armor® on the doors, because dead bolts really will not work without it," states Alan J. Young, President. "Every apartment complex under construction with wooden framed doorjambs included in the specifications should include this product as part of that specification."

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