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Laing Thermotech Introduce Innovative Line of Hydronic Heating Products

Laing Thermotech recently introduced an innovative line of hydronic heating products that are suitable for retrofit installation and new construction. The new equipment has a compact design that can easily be installed for floor, wall and radiant heating -- and at a lower cost of operation than traditional systems, according to Scott S. Shimer, Laing's CEO.

"Our new hydronic heating system incorporates Laing's patented spherical motor pump for excellent circulation and known reliability," says Shimer. "The integrated spherical motor ensures an even temperature distribution in the whole surface and a constant, comfortable temperature level in the floor heating area."

Laing currently offers two kinds of hydronic heating products: the MOH 1 and MOH 2. The MOH 1 provides a single or dual zone mixing module for connecting floor heating surfaces with up to 400 square feet for one and two-pipe systems. It's comprised of a mixing base unit, spherical motor pump with on/off-switch and a 6-foot power cord, a pre-adjustable control valve, room temperature-guided control, mounting bracket for left or right sided connection, an adjustable bypass for connection to outdated one-pipe systems and a venting device. The MOH 1 also comes with an over-temperature protection device that prevents a flow with temperatures higher than 131º F through the floor heating loops. This helps eliminate potential damage to the floor.

And with the MOH 1, mixing unit floor hydronic heating systems with up to two circuits and up to 400 square feet can be easily connected directly to boiler/radiator circuits. Even old boiler systems with high supply temperatures up to 230º F can be connected to a floor heating system. The MOH 1 is designed for oxygen-proof floor heating systems. In addition, MOH 1's KF model is especially suitable for bathrooms and other humid areas due to the non electrical thermostat with remote sensor.

MOH 2 is a low-temperature heating system that can be connected to a broiler loop using a multi-zone mixing module. This product, which is appropriate for floor heating, wall heating and snow melting applications, has control valves and circulators for the low temperature loop incorporated right into the mixing module. It also features preassembled substations that are available with manifolds and expansion tanks in a cabinet or board mounted.

In addition, the MOH 2 offers a space-saving design that is easy and low-cost to use. It can be employed in systems with three to 12 individual zones--up to 2,400 square feet. And as another advantage, the MOH 2 product can be connected directly to the boiler loop, so a separate low temperature loop from the boiler to the floor heating manifold isn't needed. There's also no need for the boiler manifolds and additional mixing valves. And a boiler isn't necessary if the MOH 2 mixing module is used in individual installation.

The MOH 1 and MOH 2 are both designed to be easy to install, maintain and service. They are also designed to be efficient and cost-effective for users to operation. The innovative MOH 1 and MOH 2 hydronic heating systems expand Laing's extensive line of cutting-edge products for consumer, commercial and industrial use.

Laing is an industry leader that developed the first practical do-it-yourself Instant Hot Water circulation system. The company's products range from energy-efficient, fractional-horsepower pumps to flow-through heaters to compact computer cooling systems

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