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Jesco Lighting Group Announce New LED Products

Jesco LED Lighting Solutions is preparing the release of a new line of specification grade, architectural lighting fixtures using LED sources for Track, Downlighting, Pendant, and Surface Lighting Solutions.

Jesco LED Lighting Solutions, also to be known as J-LED, is a new division of the Jesco Lighting Group. J-Led is now preparing a two stage release of its new LED lighting products. In stage one the new company is releasing over 250 indoor and outdoor fixtures focused on high-end residential and light commercial applications. This first release is significant in the ultra-modern styling of its high-quality stainless steel and die-cast aluminum fixtures, each carefully designed to provide proper light and heat control, proper lensing, state of the art transformers and drivers, and simple plug-together installation for recessed or surface mounted applications. The fixtures, transformers, drivers, and wiring harnesses now being released are all UL listed.

J-LED products in their recently released residential and light commercial Lighting Solutions catalog include in-ground accent lights in a variety of functional and decorative forms and sizes for garden and pathway: outdoor mini-recessed and standard recessed for decks, porches; and fences; aisle and step lighting; indoor decorative fixtures; functional shelving with integrated LED lighting; and a broad series of LED lighting solutions for lighting shelves, counters, furnishings, and displays.

In a second release, to be premiered at Light Fair in May in New York City and later in June in their Dallas showroom, J-LED will show for the first time a full line of specification grade architectural LED track, recessed, surface, linear cove, decorative, and pendant fixtures. Using a wide variety of advanced LED technology application solutions, J-LED is making general, accent, and decorative lighting possible with LED sources for stores, restaurants, hotels, and showrooms. The products in this release will be in a separate J-LED Specification Grade Interior and Exterior Architectural Lighting Solutions catalog. Soon after Light Fair in New York, J-LED will be co-hosts at the new Jesco Lighting Group ground floor showroom opening in Midtown Manhattan at 234 West 30th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues, one block south of Penn Station. In that showroom will be hundreds of new J-LED and Jesco Lighting Group company products on display for the architectural, interior desi gn and engineering community.

"The original Jesco Lighting Group brand name 'Colormotion' was actually a good one, reflecting on the wide variety of controllable color types, using tubes, rigid and flexible strips, tiles, and panels being developed and offered to a market hungry for complex and beautiful color changing effects," noted J-LED Business Development Manager John Nadon. "Given the relatively low light output, or lumens per watt, this was an appropriate use of the LED in architecture and signage. But, with the rapidly improving LED technology available to us, we found ourselves in our testing lab with LED linear strips that were able to outperform our own Sleek-Plus T5 type fluorescents. We also found new high output LED groupings with new drivers that allowed us to make adequate light for a wide variety of purely architectural applications for general and accent lighting. The new line will be offering MR and PAR equals that have a truly contemporary, ultra modern loo k, that are smaller, and that simply save costs on operation. "All you need to see is the dimmers used in restaurants and hotels, designed to provide dimmer, more comfortable light. Our LED products can provide proper light levels saving the owner on dimmer and complex wiring costs," observed Jon Connell, Jesco lighting Group's Design Engineer and J-LED Product Manager.

The design of J-LED products, and continuing product changes incorporating new technology, has resulted in the ability of residential or business owners to light their spaces with performance quality working and decorative light forms that reduce energy consumption by up to 80%, that increase lamp life by as much as 50 times, and that help to reduce significantly toxic elements getting into our environment, elements like mercury that are commonly used in special (non red) neon and compact fluorescent types.

"Owners need to see the whole story about LED lamp technology to understand the benefits - both in looks and in costs. While the initial fixture costs are higher than typical PAR and MR incandescents and CFL or linear fluorescents, key LED features make their use practical", said John Nadon. "We have done the math, along with other IES and IALD designers and engineers. Less watts means a lower energy bill. Less watts also means less heat from lamps going into a space and that means lower HVAC demands, and that lowers both capital and operating costs. Changing even long-life fluorescents every 20,000 hours means labor costs and lamp replacement costs can be saved with use of certain 50,000 to 70,000 hour life LED strips - offering a significant number for savings. Installation costs are typically greatly reduced. We ship some of our cove lighting types in 150 foot long, tightly wound rolls, which can not only be cut on site, but which can be shaped with v ery tight radii for special shapes, or to closely follow the shape of a building's exterior or signage employed. This offers a huge savings when compared to shipping and installing four foot long fluorescents; not to mention that with LED strips the lighting is pure and even, eliminating the annoying spots of shadow between fluorescent strips typically found in cove lighting. Even conduit, j-box, and wiring costs, and again, installation labor costs are reduced."

Describing one project example, Jon Connell noted, "I just laid out one project where the owner had to decide on whether the extra $9,000 for LED's made sense to him and his business. I ended up not using my presentation, as he had done the math before our meeting, and he told me he would just about get his payback immediately. He had used one cost I hadn't thought of. The complex, curved glass neon shapes originally proposed required extra costs in manufacture and shipping, standard costs in expected breakage during shipping and installation, and a much longer and more complex installation time, with much greater labor time needed, along with added electrical and architectural work to be done during and after mounting. LED's offered so much value to the owner that there was no problem receiving an order at that meeting."

Owners, Interior designers, architects, engineers, and lighting designers can see the new release of J-LED Lighting Solutions at Light Fair, May 7-9, at the Javitz Center in New York City. Jesco Lighting Group will also have a separate booth at the show. In Late May or early June Jesco Lighting Group and J-LED will be hosting invitation-only events at their new showroom in downtown Manhattan.

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