DoorDam New Flood Barrier Designed for Homes

With the start of hurricane season just around the corner, DoorDam™, a revolutionary new flood barrier designed for homes and smalls businesses in floodplains, will be a welcome addition to this year's hurricane preparation checklist.

Available exclusively from Presray Corporation, an industry leader in industrial and commercial flood protection, DoorDam™ is an adjustable, off-the-shelf flood barrier that provides a cost-efficient replacement for sandbags and plywood which have been the primary flood protection tools for consumers and small businesses up until now.

"When floodwaters rise there's no time to waste," explains Jason Smith, president of Presray Corporation. "This season, when a storm approaches and everyone else is in a panic, having a DoorDam™ allows you to quickly make a door or garage opening watertight in as little as three minutes. This gives you more time to tend to other important matters such as evacuating your family."

Presray estimates that approximately 90% of the flood damage in the U.S. is caused by less than one foot of water. FEMA statistics show that at least 10 million homes are in floodplains in the U.S, but only 4.7 million homes are insured, leaving consumers vulnerable to high out-of-pocket costs resulting from water damage.

In addition, many items such as antiques, books, photos and heirlooms damaged from floods are difficult, if not impossible, to replace. Smith says for small business owners, DoorDam™ provides protection of inventory and other assets, so owners can get back up and running faster, allowing them to generate revenues while other businesses are still cleaning up the mess.

Made of rugged steel beams encased in a durable watertight neoprene jacket and protected by a debris guard, DoorDam™ expands to fit standard size door openings with the turn of a handle, sealing out floodwaters up to 24" high for the standard model and 34" with DoorDam XL™. Both installation and removal is complete in minutes.

"Designed with quick deployment in mind, not only is DoorDam™ easy-to-use, but it can also be used over and over again," added Smith. "The standard DoorDam™ weighs about the same as one typical 45 lb. sandbag, however the Army Corps of Engineers recommends a whopping 60 sandbags to protect an opening of equal size.

For buildings that might experience more than 2-feet of flooding, we created the DoorDamXL™, which can take the place of approximately 102 sandbags. Both models eliminate the time consuming installation and removal that comes with sandbags."

DoorDam™ Details
The standard DoorDam™ holds back up to 24-inches of water and is available in 9 different standard widths with list prices range between $549 and $595. The DoorDam XL™ provides protection from levels up to 34" and comes in 8 different widths with list prices between $745 and $845. Each model comes in standard widths that will fit most openings -- either individually or when combined side-by-side using special mullions for support.

The website includes product videos, in-depth product details, and links for important storm-related information. In addition, shoppers will soon have access to a special Customizer tool that allows them to enter their measurements to determine which DoorDam™ is recommended. Weather stripping and caulk will also be available, making it a one-stop shop for all installation needs.

All DoorDams are delivered with no assembly required and come with a heavy-duty debris guard to protect the neoprene pouch from punctures or scrapes from floating debris, an essential feature for areas that experience moving floodwaters. DoorDam™ is appropriate for structures that are constructed of concrete, brick, sealed stone or other watertight materials in good watertight condition. Structures must not have basement windows or sunken/slanted cellar doorways.

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