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Mitsubishi Increase Production Capapcity for Fire-Rated Aluminum Composite Panels

Mitsubishi Chemical Functional Products, Inc. announces that its subsidiary in the United States - Mitsubishi Chemical FP America has completed its new production line for the manufacture of ALPOLIC®/fr, the company’s fire-rated Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) with a noncombustible mineral core. With the increased popularity of fire-rated grade panels because of stricter fire regulations in the U.S. and many countries, MCFPA saw the need to build a new production line to meet this increasing demand.

MCFP began production of ALPOLIC® in Japan in 1971, and the Virginia plant opened in 1991. ALPOLIC® is known worldwide for its broad and innovative range of aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, galvanized steel and zinc composite products. They are a leading business for MCFP, which currently exports ALPOLIC® to more than 80 countries all over the world. MCFP’s head office is in Tokyo, Japan, with sales and marketing offices also in Singapore and Turkey, in addition to its United States operation. ALPOLIC® is also supported by a global business network with local agents and distributors worldwide.

ALPOLIC® has enjoyed a consistent increase in sales due to worldwide demand for the products across a wide variety of architectural applications. ALPOLIC® products are ideally suited for exterior and interior applications in high-rise buildings, airport terminals, factories, and other commercial and residential structures.

The overall production volume of ALPOLIC®, shared by the Chesapeake, Virginia plant and three plants in Japan, has reached a record high of 12 million square meters per annum. The expansion in Virginia makes it possible to ship ALPOLIC® from the United States to the European market with a shorter lead-time.

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