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Hobart Welding Products Introduce the Airforce 250ci Plasma Cutter

Designed to be the most convenient, portable cutting system available, Hobart Welding Products today introduced its new plasma cutter, the AirForce™ 250ci. Featuring a built-in air compressor and lightweight inverter technology, the unit offers powerful cutting abilities and weighs just 27 lbs., half the weight of the previous model. The AirForce 250ci is powered by standard 115 VAC household current, can cut 1/8 in. mild steel and sever 1/4 in. steel. The unit allows cutting with an arc up to 3/16 in. long--up to three times longer than some competitive units--which improves results when freehand cutting.

"This level of portability for a plasma cutter is an excellent alternative to oxy acetylene systems for home hobby, farming and auto body applications where clean, precise cutting is desired," says Caleb Krisher, product manager, Hobart Welding Products.

Available through farm/ranch and hardware/tool retailers in the US and Canadian markets the AirForce 250ci has an MSRP of $839, prices will vary by retailer.

Ready to Cut Out of the Box
The AirForce 250ci comes ready to cut with a 16.4 ft. ergonomic HP-25 torch designed for increased comfort, more efficient post-flow air cooling and economical replacement tips. The unit comes with extra replacement tips (2 tips, 2 electrodes), and a convenient cable management strap for easy transportation. Users simply need to plug it into 115 VAC, pull the trigger and begin cutting. The unit has a 35 percent duty cycle at its rated output of 12 amps at 110VDC?no need for a 230-volt hookup.

Why Plasma vs. Oxy Acetylene?
Plasma technology is simple. It uses an electrical arc and compressed air to cut steel, aluminum, stainless steel and other conductive metals, where oxy acetylene is limited to steel only. In addition, there are several advantages that make plasma technology an easier option:

  • Cuts faster than oxy fuel
  • More precise cut, thinner kerf, less slag to clean up
  • Smaller heat-affected zone for less warping
  • No gas pressure settings or flame tuning needed
  • No preheating of metal prior to cutting
  • No pressurized gas cylinders to transport
  • No worries about running out of gas on the job
  • No expense for gas refills?ever

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