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The LOYAL Alarm is Both a First and Second Level of Deterrent to Vandalism and Theft

The popularity of residential, business and roof top air conditioning units thefts in whole or in part has increased dramatically and the crime is increasingly becoming a concern for law enforcement officials.

Indianapolis based LOYAL Heating & Air Conditioning announced May 1, 2007, the availability of the LOYAL Alarm, a new security alarm to deter vandalism and theft of all types of air conditioning units. The LOYAL Alarm acts as a first level of security with the alarm alerting unit disturbance. The LOYAL Alarm as a second level security will backup a unit wired into a security system and will sound even though the home security system fails. The LOYAL Alarm is compatible and may be installed on window, rooftop or residential units.

Designed and patented by LOYAL's owner Mike Barger, the alarm is small, mounted to the unit, equipped with a 120 db siren and powered by a high volt battery making connection to a home security system unnecessary. Any attempt to move the unit more than 3/8 ths of an inch triggers the loud siren and alerts to tampering. The LOYAL Alarm is weather proof, tamper proof and will not void the manufacturer's warranty on the units. Video demonstrations of the LOYAL Alarm are now available on Loyal Heating & Air Conditioning's website.

"In most cases a thief is able to get away in approximately 90 seconds," states Barger. Many have asked about building a cage around the units to deter theft. "There are a few reasons not to use cages," states Barger. "Operational wise, the area in and around the cage must be kept clear and trimmed to allow the unit to breathe properly. Maintenance wise, a cage doesn't leave much room for a technician to work on the unit. Security wise, a cage around a unit will not prevent or deter theft; if the thief wants the unit it will only takes a few additional seconds to cut through the cage."

Unlike a cage, when an air conditioning unit with the LOYAL Alarm installed is disturbed in any manner and more than 3/8ths of an inch, the LOYAL Alarm triggers a loud db siren and continues to sound alerting to tampering. The alarm can only be silenced and rearmed by placing the unit in the original position. "The beauty of the LOYAL Alarm is that if the unit is removed, the Alarm continues to sound attracting attention and will further assist police authorities with arrest and conviction," Barger added.

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