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Turbodyne Announced Developing a Unique Water Heating and Aeration Solution

Turbodyne Technologies, Inc. announced today that it is developing a unique water heating and aeration solution based on its TurboFlow(TM) technology. The Turbodyne AquaAir(TM) system provides a cost effective way to provide both heating and aeration to indoor and outdoor pools, ponds and boat slips.

According to CEO Al Case, "The AquaAir(TM) targets the market for cost-effective water aeration and heating. We estimate these markets at approximately $2.7 billion." The AquaAir(TM) is designed to both aerate and heat water. The design will be applied to boat slips, outdoor pools, aquariums and other projects where both aeration and/or heat are required.

The Turbodyne AquaAir(TM) is an extension the company's patented TurboPac(TM) and patent-pending TurboFlow(TM) air handling systems. The heart of the system is the high-performance, radial air compression system similar to the radial compressor used in turbocharging or supercharging internal combustion engines. By modifying the compressors, a unique "two-stage" air injection system can be optimized for cool or warm air which is directly injected into the water. In cold weather, heating isn't something you pay "extra" for. It is a natural byproduct of the radial compressor design.

With nearly 13 million boats in the US, and an estimated 500 thousand stored in-water in cold climates, and with nearly 1,000 cold-water coastal marinas and pylon-based boat tie-ups, the potential market for a more cost-effective, safer freeze prevention system approaches $1 billion. The estimated market for heating systems for new and retrofit installations for indoor and outdoor swimming pools is approximately $1.2 billion. Retrofitting an estimated 5000 retention ponds with a more efficient aeration system represents a $500 million opportunity. The company's business model projects sales of approximately $30 million over the next 36 months.

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