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Precision Repair Works: "Don't Replace it, Repair it"

Precision Repair Works has been providing quality craftsmanship to manufacturers and builders in Southern Colorado since 1997, and now they will provide those same services to home owners, renovators, realtors and property managers across Southern Colorado with in-house repairs to interior surfaces. As gas prices increase, many home owners are looking for ways to cut costs and yet they want their home to look good. Many home owners in southern Colorado are turning to the service industry to find ways of repairing items rather than replace them. The wise investor knows the need to protect their greatest asset: their home. To keep your home looking new, turn to Precision Repair Works.

Precision Repair Works has been providing cosmetic restoration services for over 21 years. They are the leaders in the area for restoration of hard surfaces such as bath tubs, cabinets, doors, counter tops; all interior surfaces except carpet and drywall. Many manufacturers recommend them as an alternative to replacing the item. Precision Repair Works has a complete list of manufacturers listed on their website. Most home owners don't realize that the hard surfaces can be repaired for less than a third of the cost of replacing the item. That's what homeowner Sybil thought before she tried Precision's services. Sybil was one of Precision Repair Works' "trial" customers who utilized the repair services before the company decided to offer them to all homeowners. Sybil was quoted $8,000 to replace her kitchen cabinets; the damaged doors were repaired for $600 - a savings to her of $7,200! Sybil writes: "The cabinets turned out beautiful….thanks to everyone for me. I can't believe they are the same ones I took down there to you. Now, maybe I'll get this kitchen into shape after all. I hope we have as much luck with my patio furniture. Thanks again. - Sybil"

Southern Colorado is well represented by military families stationed and transitioning in and out of the area. To save money when moving into a used home, they can now utilize Precision Repair Works to repair hard surfaces in the home or damage on furniture that occurred during their move. Matt Springer, owner of Precision Repair Works states, "We are now offering our services to home owners to help them keep costs down while keeping their investment in their home. Many home owners do not realize the technology advancements in the last ten years that allow us to repair hard services such as bath tubs and counter tops to great condition at a third of the cost of replacement." Their clients range from Enlisted to Admirals and Generals; everyone gets treated like the Commander-in-Chief. Kris said, after the Army moved her family to Colorado Springs: "I tried to hide the damage when the movers chipped my tables. Thanks to Precision there's nothing to hide!"

Leading technological advances are being employed by Precision Repair Works to restore, on-site, the existing pieces in your home which were never believed to be salvageable. Bill, a local property manager, writes: "Thanks for a job well done. It looks great!" His tenant left a large burn in the kitchen countertop. Rather than replacing all the countertops in the kitchen at a cost of $3,000, Precision repaired the areas for $125.

Lauren, area manager for a leading home builder in the Southern Colorado area wrote: "Precision Repair Works has been professionally restoring my interior surfaces for a decade now. They have repaired bathtubs, cabinets, wood trim and doors, vinyl window frames…and exceeded my expectations on a regular basis. They have guaranteed my advertised quality as a home builder. They are a critical component in delivering a high-quality home."

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