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Are Portable Garages Here To Stay

Optimizing space more affordably has been a big aspect of most home improvement endeavors for consumers all over the nation, notwithstanding the high cost of lumber and metals. With the cost of these important raw materials showing no sign of slowing down, largely due to environmental groups brow-beating the lumber and mining industry, resulting in a wide supply/demand gap. Consumers are on the lookout for affordable garage storage solutions to fuel their need to protect and store their valuables, durables, and equipment.

"Nowadays it seems like everywhere I look, I see one of these 'portable shelters' in someone's backyard," says Russel Jones of East Haven, CT. Russel is not alone in his observation. This type of garage is now increasingly becoming the first choice for many consumers. It looks like this type of storage shelter is here to stay.

The reason is not difficult to understand; The cost to build a traditional stick (lumber) structure the size of a one car garage at current market rates can range from $5000 to $10,000, depending on the style and other factors. In comparison, a 12x20 poly garage would only set you back $739 for a premium unit, with prices starting as low as $399! Depending on the grade of material you wish to buy, you can get a beautiful, durable and cost-effective portable garage or shed in a relatively low and narrow price range.

Consumers are taking advantage of the fact that most of these portable buildings can be installed in just one day (if not just hours) on almost any surface. In most cases are delivered right to one's doorstep. Some common applications of these so called "instant garages" are:

  • Vehicle carport storage
  • Backyard garage or storage shed
  • Home workspace or tool room
  • Jobsite/construction
  • Equestrian/Riding arenas
  • Auto detailing
  • Entertainment housing
  • Disaster relief shelters, to name a few.

Whether a consumer is looking for something more temporary or perfer permanent, portable storage buildings are the perfect fit. Moreover, they are available for less than 1/4 the cost of conventional buildings. There are literally thousands of fabric tension shelters in use around the world today!

In all likelihood, you will not find these portable garage buildings in stores. "Forget Home Depot or Wal-Mart. You will not find these in the big box stores, the best place to shop is on-line." states Russell.

Portable Products is the manufactures distributor of all weather portable shelters, storage covers, garage flooring, and organization systems. Their line of products come in either quonset or gabled styles and are designed to meet the most demanding needs. Models range from 6' to 100' wide. There are models that can span the entire length of a football field if needed. Consumers can order custom made structures large or small, with building features and door options to suit their needs. There are typically three grades of material to choose from. The grading is based on weight per square yard: Economy, Deluxe, and Premium Grade, with warranties ranging from 1 to 15 years.

The company has experienced tremendous growth within the past few years since the time they started in late fall of 2003. From a part time endeavor with just a few products and simple information based website, the company now offers consumers the option to shop on-line securely, with hundreds of items to suit individual needs.

For consumers that are mechanically challenged or do not have the time, this company offers installation service in many areas of New England and the Tri-State region. Complete assembly manuals are provided for the 'do it yourself' consumer, and telephone consultation is always offered for those difficult moments during installation or construction.

Portable Products caters not only to the home owners who are jumping on this trend, they also serve the commercial sector. Enterprise Rent a Car & The Town of Colorado Springs (DOT) are just a few of their commercial clients. The other big players who have shown interest are Walt Disney, GE, NASA, Coca-Cola and the US Army.

Besides convenience, another advantage of fabric tension buildings (otherwise known as a portable garage) is that according to most building codes, these buildings are exempt from tax obligations and do not require a permit because of the building's temporary nature. Nonetheless, Portable Products advises their clients to check with the local regulations prior to purchase and construction.

Keeping in line with the true American spirit, in July 2004, Portable Products made a generous donation of a portable canopy to the team at the Relay For Life cancer walk in Gardner, MA. Jackie Ramondelli, the team captain of the Walking Angels, expressed her heartfelt emotions saying, "With much gratitude and appreciation, your company will forever be angels to us."

Within the past 10 years, fabric tension buildings, have become a driving force for the residential and commercial market throughout the United States. Portable Products have played their role in providing momentum to this trend with their customer friendly and cost effective services. These 'garage kits' are available with various options such as skylights, ventilation, lighting, and flooring. This will offer consumers an inexpensive way to free up some storage space and protect their valuables from Mother Nature. As one customer remarked, "Now I can have my garage back!" You too can reclaim your 'space.'

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