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ARCA Publish Guidelines on Working with Asbestos-Containing Coatings

ARCA, Asbestos Removal Contractors Association, committed to promoting the growth and image of the UK's asbestos abatement industry have published a new set of recommended guidelines for working with Asbestos-Containing Textured Decorative Coatings.

Following the revised asbestos regulations issued by the HSE, the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2006 removed the requirement for contractors to hold an asbestos removal licence for most work on asbestos containing decorative coatings as it was found to release less asbestos fibre during work than previously thought.

The new regulations however, do not allow just anyone to undertake work with asbestos containing decorative coatings, aspects of the regulations and other Health & Safety legislation must be adhered to.

It is for this reason that ARCA have revised and reissued their 'Recommended Guidelines for Working with Asbestos-Containing Textured Decorative Coatings', to take into account the new legislation, existing Health and Safety legislation as well as offering best practice advice to anyone planning, organising or intending to carry out removal of asbestos containing textured decorative coating.

According to ARCA the minimum control measures are not sufficient to reassure those intending to reoccupy premises following asbestos containing textured decorative coating removal and ARCA have therefore published their own best practice advice within the guidelines as show below:

  • Provision of a decontamination unit as is required under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007
  • A 3 Stage airlock
  • Full polythene enclosures to prevent the spread of dust
  • Techniques for the removal of asbestos containing textured decorative coatings
  • Advice on ensuring visual cleanliness once the job is complete
  • Advice on the appropriate specialist insurance cover required for this type of work

A copy of the guidelines can be downloaded at

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