TV 'Queen of Green' welcomes 1000th Millennium Community residents to Allerton Bywater

Penney Poyzer, ‘Queen of green’, and star of BBC2s ‘No Waste Like Home’, welcomed Hannah Scott and Adrian Lewis to their new home at Allerton Bywater Millennium Community today. The couple have become the residents of the 1000th home in the Millennium Communities Programme, run by national regeneration agency, English Partnerships, designed to help people live more sustainable lifestyles.

Hannah and Adrian, first-time buyers, who received the keys to their three-bedroom, semi-detached home built by Miller Homes today, were also provided with some of Penney’s ‘top tips’ for living green. Formerly of Rodley, Leeds, the couple were attracted to Allerton Bywater because of its eco-friendly credentials and affordability.

Their home includes specific features to help reduce the impact on the environment. These include energy efficient light fittings, timber window and door frames from sustainable sources, bigger windows to reduce the need for artificial lighting and ’A’ grade white goods, including a washing machine designed to use less than 40 litres of water per cycle. During construction, the house was heavily insulated to reduce energy loss - which is expected to save in excess of 20 per cent more energy than a standard new home. The 1000th home is within the first Home Zone within Yorkshire, which gives pedestrians equal priority to vehicles.

Hannah Scott, resident of the 1000th home said, “We are really excited about starting our new life in Allerton Bywater Millennium Community. We reserved the property back in January because we were so impressed with the green features and price and look forward to using the tips Penney has given us to help protect the environment.”

Penney Poyzer, expert in green living, said, ”I’m delighted to welcome Hannah and Adrian to their new home. It is encouraging to know that people are taking the issue of climate change seriously and intend to change the way they live to help tackle this problem. Allerton Bywater Millennium Community offers a fantastic opportunity for people to get on to the property ladder, and become more environmentally aware.”

Penney Poyzer’s ‘top tips’ for green living are:

  • When buying food, buy local. Farmers markets are wonderful. Find your nearest on Invest in a few life long bags – at 10p a go they are not expensive and should last years.
  • Remember when you purchase your new appliances to buy the most energy
    efficient you can. Go for A rated goods. The difference between an ‘A’ rated fridge and B is about 46% improved efficiency.
  • Choose the right size pan for the food and the cooker. Cut food into smaller pieces and put lids on pans as the food will cook a lot quicker.
  • We all hate junk mail so ditch it for good by signing up to the Mail Preference Service takes a couple of minutes to join
  • This winter, set your thermostat between 18 - 21 deg C. If you feel chilly, put on a jumper. Much healthier and helps to reduce colds because your body is not constantly trying to adjust between hot indoors and the cold outside. It is also healthy for your bank balance.

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