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Weather and Hurricane Proofing a House with Through the Roof

Another year of imminent severe winter weather and hurricanes means now is the time for homeowners and housing contractors to prepare their homes. Consecutive years of treacherous weather have devastated areas all across the country.

In preparation for severe weather, contractors and homeowners should walk around the entire roof area to identify any potential problem areas. Areas to look for include:

  • Skylights, skylight tubes, and roof vents

  • Nail holes

  • Lose or missing shingles, tiles, or shakes

  • Broken or cracked gutters

  • Damage, holes, or gaps in metal flashing

If these areas are identified, generously apply Through the Roof® clear roof sealant and seal firmly.

Through the Roof® is a clear roof sealant from Sashco Sealants that keeps homes in tact regardless of the weather conditions. Severe weather brings to mind images of blown shingles strewn across yards, and water leaking into the house from the rooftop. Through the Roof® was introduced to offer an alternative to black roof asphalt which can’t endure severe weather changes. Through the Roof® is formulated to perform under the harshest conditions and decrees the odds that roofs will fall prey to damage this winter.

“Wind gusts and severe weather changes put roofs in constant motion. Because asphalt roof repairs dry hard, they can’t handle the degree of movement weather changes cause and result in cracks that allow leaks to return. Through the Roof® is different. Through the Roof® never hardens. Because it stays elastic and flexible, the product will never crack, making it perfect for use on roofs in the most severe climates. Through the Roof® is an ideal solution for homes in hurricane areas. Aggressive adhesion seals roof top items tightly for a permanent seal,” explains Andy Spolestra, a chemist at Sashco.

Unlike asphalt, Through the Roof® can be applied to wet surfaces, an additional benefit for those in wet, rainy climates. Now, homeowners and contractors don’t have to wait for a dry, sunny day to repair a leaky roof; Through the Roof® will stick immediately to a wet roof so it can be repaired right when the leak is identified.

A store owner in the Northeast explains that, “During a rainstorm, our roof was leaking badly. One of our guys went up and applied the brush grade Through the Roof®. Even on the wet roof, it sealed up the leak immediately. To this day it’s still holding up and we’re still reaping the benefits of how well Through the Roof® works.”

Through the Roof® is not only tough, it’s beautiful. Nobody wants areas of ugly, black roof asphalt blemishing the appearance of their beautiful home every time the roof has a leak, a shingle needs to be repaired, or the flashing needs to be sealed. Through the Roof® clear roof sealant is a smart alternative to messy, black asphalt - perfect for custom tile and shake roofs.

Through the Roof® is made of a clear, UV resistant, synthetic rubber-based material that can be applied to most any rooftop material including:

  • Galvanized metal and aluminum flashing vents, downspouts, copper and brass

  • PVC and ABS vent pipe

  • Neoprene and plastic pipe flashing

  • Brick, block and mortar

  • Acrylic and polycarbonate skylight plastics

  • Roofing Materials Fiberglass / asphalt shingles

  • Cedar shakes, plywood and OSB

  • Water-based acrylic roof coatings

  • Cement, slate and glazed tiles

  • Asphalt roof cement and patch

Through the Roof® is available in a 10 oz. cartridge size that fits any standard caulking gun, as well as quart and gallon size brushable grade.

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