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Custom Stairways Take an Exotic Turn

From the soles of the feet to the soul of a home, stairways can touch people's lives in many ways, including making home interiors more beautiful and unique. Especially for today's custom homes, a stairway's form is just as important as its function. A custom stairway can provide a dramatic focal point, enhance architectural aesthetics, and add pizzazz to interior spaces. That's why custom stairways are winding their way into more homes these days. The right stairway can even boost a home's financial value and appeal to buyers in a competitive market where distinctiveness is key.

Crafting stairways from exotic wood species is an extremely popular trend right now. Homeowner demand is climbing for everything from lustrous Brazilian Cherry and rich African Mahogany to wavy-textured Cumaru and dark opulent Bubinga wood. High-end deeper-hued domestic woods, such as warm Walnut and luminous American Cherry, are also very sought-after by homeowners who have a true affinity for tradition.

Not only do people want fresh new wood choices from around the world, they want custom stairways to match their hardwood flooring and woodwork as precisely as possible. Custom matching is a trend that's here to stay, ensuring a seamless appearance throughout the home while reflecting an exquisite attention to detail that upscale home buyers expect. As a result, custom home builders should work with custom stair builders that have a wide selection of exotic wood options readily available.

Curvaceous stairways are also making dramatic entrances in more homes because they add eye-catching elegance while making an unforgettably unique statement. For the seasoned stair builder, tailoring curves is a breeze and well worth the investment for custom home builders who want to ensure that potential buyers remember their homes above all others.

Another growing trend is mixing and matching high-quality wrought iron balusters of several different yet complementary designs to create one-of-a- kind patterns for custom stairways. An experienced stair builder will be happy to help lay out baluster patterns that distinguish stairways and the homes they reside in.

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