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BASF Provides Live Demonstrations of Sustainable Construction at Green Build 2007

BASF will show and explain the use of technologies and analytic tools that can make building projects more sustainable at Green Build 2007, November 6-9, at McCormick Place West, Chicago, Illinois.

BASF technologies will be demonstrated at Booth 1010 at the top of each hour on November 7 and 8, giving conference attendees a better understanding of how smart chemistry can help make buildings durable and energy-efficient with less impact on the environment.

Each interactive booth demonstration will be 15 minutes long and focus on how specific BASF-enhanced products can help a design professional maximize a project’s LEED rating and improve overall performance.

Programming includes:

  • Master Builders brand products from BASF’s Admixture Systems business line are combined in a unique system for the production of pervious concrete, allowing builders to reduce a project’s land requirements by eliminating pavement runoff and storm water storage needs.
  • Radiance® e-0.25 Attic Barrier Coating that creates an effective radiant barrier which stops 75% of the potential radiant energy transfer into an attic and reduces HVAC loads.
  • BASF Polyurethane Foam Enterprises closed-cell spray-applied polyurethane foam insulating air barriers for increased structural integrity, air leakage control, maximum R-values and improved air quality.
  • Elastopor® polyurethane foam systems used in insulated building panels for superior insulation performance, increased R-values, comfort, air tightness and durability.
  • ULTRA-Cool® coatings for metal substrates that increase the reflectivity of medium to dark colored roofs, reducing interior heat loads and air conditioning needs and VARI-Cool® coatings which enhance architectural design flexibility.
  • Styropor® insulting concrete forms and structural insulated panels for tighter structures, better R-values, less heat gain or loss, and improved indoor air quality.
  • OPPANOL® Polyisobutylene Thermal Plastic Spacer technology that enables manufacturers to produce aluminum widows, which maintain window insulating gas seal integrity and initial R-values for many years.

Also, on November 8, 2007 at 10 a.m., BASF’s Christopher Bradley will present Defining Durability: 2006 BASF Eco- Efficiency Construction Materials Analysis in the back right hand corner of the exhibit hall. Bradley’s 40 minute presentation will illustrate how BASF Eco-Efficiency Analysis delineates the lifecycle of a product “from cradle to grave”, starting from the extraction of the raw material from the earth through to recycling after use.

An examination of four case studies will reveal how economics and ecology can be reconciled in corporate decision-making. Areas that will be covered include how strategic management of environmental aftercare, otherwise known as “end-of-pipe technology,” and process-integration measures create quantifiable successes that benefit the environment at all stages of the lifecycle.

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